": EXPERIMENTAL:" STRAT (in General)

alaskanpsyko July 8 2009 2:47 AM EDT

2 min team(can be)
1st minion:
hp 1/2
str 1/2
dex 1/3
CoC 1/3

not good at utilzing ratios i just put 1/3 into HP, half in to str 1/3 into dex and remainder into CoC after unlearning all my skills etc. in that order prior to havin about a total of 1.2mil xp(feel free to bash/correct this as needed)

DB's(?)For dodge traits?

2nd minion heavy Dispel Magic
dm(to ward off any EO(mainly dm/amf/ga the latter)
possibly AS for health?
HP(mayb at least 1/3 every few times of DM)


BoE(for boost in spells) [possbily a familiar to help with damage in melee rounds?]
SB for again boost for spells

again highly experimental...not much into planning this thickly into strategy came upon this while tryin to think of hybrids this came up since Sling of Death does a good spread in ranged and CoC good given you've got protection from amf/ga/dm and the latter which is why i came up with the sec minion to try and counter though i got him too late so my dm is pretty low right now.currently goin with AS in junction with RoS since it boosts it. once i get good enough levels ill go with Dispel. feel free to bash it pick at it break it down and put it back together just wanted to see what type of impact this would have with others. and is still in developement. attempted to write this down but dinner got my attention and had 4hrs of sleep to add to it.

Untouchable July 8 2009 3:19 AM EDT

the 1st minion's stats may be to spread out..

maybe slapping a ToA on it would be a good idea

that CoC needs more EXP than that otherwise it'll get rocked by teams with minions who train pure AMF

QBJohnnywas July 8 2009 3:24 AM EDT

A CoC/ranged tank can work really well, but the ToA is probably the best tatt to go with it. For a strat like this I'd recommend building the tank/mage first then adding the second minion later to get the best XP into the damage dealer. That way you'll not have to worry about XP dilution quite so much.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 8 2009 3:25 AM EDT

"dm(to ward off any EO(mainly dm/amf/ga the latter)"

Dm is for EDs

And was is DM not in the spell check blah blah blah blah blah. If the spell checker is mistaken, don't panic -- as long as the fraction of misspelled words is less than 0.2, you'll be fine.
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