So whats your favorite language? (in Off-topic)

Untouchable July 26 2009 10:41 PM EDT

Came up in chat and seems interesting to get all your opinions

for me;



AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] July 26 2009 10:48 PM EDT

Probably French, but I do like English because I understand it. :P

Untouchable July 26 2009 10:50 PM EDT

[add on]
Or which language would you prefer to be speaking.

Lefty July 26 2009 11:01 PM EDT


But speaking French makes me sound smart in certain situations. =D

Drama [Just for fun] July 26 2009 11:06 PM EDT

Je dirais que je préfère le Français, puisque c'est ma langue première. But I love to learn other languages como Ingles y Español. But I don't like the sound of portugal. O well......

Drama [Just for fun] July 26 2009 11:09 PM EDT

*prefere *Francais *premiere *Espagnol

CB can't take special characters......

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] July 27 2009 1:20 AM EDT

I like speaking Japanese.

Xiaz on Hiatus July 27 2009 1:40 AM EDT

Shark July 27 2009 3:01 AM EDT

the only language everyone speaks and no one understands

IndependenZ July 27 2009 4:03 AM EDT

Money is my universal favorite language. Everybody understands money. :P

Rawr July 27 2009 4:17 AM EDT

But there are so many different kinds of money! A true master of the money language would know the exchange rates of each currency :P.

QBJohnnywas July 27 2009 4:20 AM EDT

I speak English, French, a bit of German and a bit of Welsh.

I like to have French spoken to me. ;)

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 27 2009 4:37 AM EDT

Language: English
Favorite: French or Japanese

Cube July 27 2009 4:42 AM EDT

English "accounts for around 30% of the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP)"
Cool graph:

There are so many languages I'd like to learn, but I'm horrible with languages, and it seems unnecessary, so I probably won't.

IndependenZ July 27 2009 5:00 AM EDT

Good point, Rawr. I guess I speak Euro fluently, and due to the internet and games I know USD quite well as well. Then comes CB$, Torn City Dollars...

And from a few vacations I speak the Hungarian Forint and the Turkish Lira. Yeah and the old European currencies that no longer exist. They're like Latin. We know it's been there in the past, and that it was very important for our current languages, yet nobody speaks it anymore.

*sigh* I wish I was Scrooge McDuck. He truly understands money.

Adminedyit [Superheros] July 27 2009 5:20 AM EDT

math, 2+2=4 is universal

Tyriel [123456789] July 27 2009 6:44 AM EDT

$choice1 = 1;
$choice2 = 1;

if ($choice1 == '1') {
$string = 'I like programming languages best.';
if ($choice2 == '1') {
$string = $string.' I also like math as a "language, like edyit.';

echo $string;

blackshadowshade July 27 2009 6:49 AM EDT

Music for me.

winner winner July 27 2009 7:23 AM EDT

English probably

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 27 2009 9:34 AM EDT

I know English and Spanish, my favorite languages are Welsh, Irish, and Finnish. (Don't understand a word of Finnish, but it's very aesthetically pleasing. I can pick up some Welsh/Irish.)

[P]Mitt July 27 2009 1:26 PM EDT

French. Or Music.

Music is the universal language.
French is the (dying) international language. Check your passport.

Basically something that sounds good.

Lord Bob July 27 2009 2:09 PM EDT


Guardian July 27 2009 2:20 PM EDT

i speak Portuguese English and Spanish. I love English because its very easy to learn. But i really like to hear girls talking in spanish oh yeah very sexy

Demigod July 27 2009 2:25 PM EDT

English is my favorite, as that's all I'm fluent in.

I took a few Spanish lessons in elementary school, which I remember nothing about. I took German in high school, and I remembered just enough to travel in Germany. Then I took Zulu (yep) in college, and I've forgotten all of that as well.

Drama [Just for fun] July 27 2009 3:35 PM EDT

What? 2+2=4 oh man, always thought it was 2x2=4.

All these years in the mist.

Burton July 27 2009 3:40 PM EDT

English ofc

bartjan July 27 2009 5:15 PM EDT


[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] July 27 2009 5:39 PM EDT

I would love to speak and/or sound Russian. Just so awesome!

w!ms July 27 2009 6:15 PM EDT

i am also interested in the russian language. cyrillic looks cool
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