Help!! Defrag (in Off-topic)

AdminTal Destra July 27 2009 8:00 PM EDT

My defragmenter stopped working, find me a fix please.

Lord Bob July 27 2009 8:16 PM EDT

Do you have the required free space?

AdminTal Destra July 27 2009 8:18 PM EDT

yes i have over the 11% required free space, i have 20% free

BHT July 27 2009 8:49 PM EDT

AdminTal Destra July 28 2009 10:52 AM EDT

^ that doesn't work either, keep getting the error: Building File List Failed.

Could it be because of my vista gui?

QBsutekh137 July 28 2009 10:55 AM EDT

I use Power Defragmenter in PowerMode (sounds cheesy, I know, but it is true). It is by the SysInternals folks, and I have used it on Win95, XP, Vista, and Vista 64-bit. Seems to do the job...

(or just google for "Power defragmenter"

QBsutekh137 July 28 2009 11:52 AM EDT

Also, this thread from June apparently never really had any resolution, thought the Defraggler folks appeared to be "working on it".

Personally, I'd find a new tool that works. Defrag is defrag. If it runs to completion and defrags all it can, any tool is fine.

AdminTal Destra July 28 2009 8:50 PM EDT

Sut you are AWESOME!!!!!!

can't say that enough, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

QBsutekh137 July 28 2009 11:21 PM EDT

Thank those Sys Internals guys...those guys have known their Windows since NT came out, and they have given out a TON of utils for free. Just glad to have helped, bro!
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