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Drama [Just for fun] August 5 2009 9:55 PM EDT

I had already herd about the tragedy and I just saw the documentary about it. Here' the tragic story of the Peoples Temple . Some of you probably had already herd of it and I think everybody in lots of country should know about it so stories like that wouldn't occur again.

TheHatchetman August 5 2009 9:56 PM EDT


Drama [Just for fun] August 5 2009 10:00 PM EDT


Drama [Just for fun] August 5 2009 10:03 PM EDT


Drama [Just for fun] August 5 2009 10:03 PM EDT

Last one works sorry about that.

Cube August 5 2009 10:49 PM EDT

I've heard of it yeah.

But actually I also recently watched documentaries on the Westboro Baptist Church as well as a documentary on Scientology.

The Westboro Baptist Church is a very extreme church that consists primarily of a large single family headed by a patriarch. One of the other members is actually a man who came to do a documentary on the Church and was sucked in. And before you think I'm just being mean to deeply religious people, I'll mention they protest soldiers funerals because they see it as God's will that they died. Normally, it's hyperbole to say an American hates America, these people do hate America.. They denounce it for the symbolism and worship of the flag. They travel around not trying to convert people and save them; they simply see it as their duty to inform everyone that if you aren't in their church you are going to hell.
The Most Hated Family in America Pt. 1/8

Cults are scary stuff. Throughout the Scientology documentary, the film crew is followed around by various church members. Scientology and Me. There was some recent news about people who came forward about abuse within the church. Scary stuff.

Drama [Just for fun] August 6 2009 12:19 AM EDT

It's sad to see that in the *"""civilized"""* countries we live, their still some disturb minds that changes the religions messages.

Drama [Just for fun] August 6 2009 12:21 AM EDT

If only human kind could clearly understand the word respect.

Demigod August 6 2009 12:31 AM EDT

Thanks for the Scientology and Me link. I meant to go to bed thirty minutes ago, but then I clicked play.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] August 6 2009 1:04 AM EDT

"The Most Hated Family in America Pt. 1/8" Wow, I want to hate people like this, for the way they misrepresent my religion. I, however, can only feel sadness when I watch this video. For the way the brainwash their children, and the way they act towards other people. Or, even for the way they are so mislead themselves, it's truly truly sad.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 6 2009 1:37 AM EDT

I know a man on Maui who appears in the documentary, I'm always glad to think that he not only made it out but found some level of peace afterwords.
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