A Quick Question, Possibly A Long Discussion (in General)

[Jedi] Danludar August 11 2009 2:54 AM EDT

Alright, so I have this strategy


My tank is a UC tank. A bit of an evasion wall for the RoBF damage, but still useful at chipping away health. The E is still somewhat of a wall. I'm really not sure how to describe it. The W is a PL wall.

Alright so I had a few things I wanted to juggle around, but with limited funds I can't just go buy things, and the rentals are coming in handy but getting pricey when I'm trying to buy gear as well.

1) EB or DB on the UC tank. I know they are a huge cash sink eventually, but would the UC evasion stacking with them make it worth it or is the EB's DX bonus just overall a better idea.

2) A TSA or a EH on the PL wall. I'm not sure what the decay on the effect of the EH is, but the TSA so far is seeming better. I know against MM I could do better, but I also see how focussed that is. I would like to stray away from overly focussed strategies.

3) Keeping my current Exbow, or possibly going with a SoD for the damage purposes. The question here is the Exbow can help me neutralize bigger tanks. The SoD on the other hand could help me take out larger teams. In reality how much NW sink actually makes either one useful. I couldn't find really any info on how much damage the x would do with how much strength. (It would be sweet if someone could make a calculator for that :)) On top of that if I focused on the SoD would a HoC be better than my current HoE

4) If 3 turns out that the SoD is better would it be better to get a HF because I'd be focusing more on damage quick.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can help me out. I figured I could get a lot more info from the community as a whole versus asking just 1 or 2 people.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 11 2009 4:10 AM EDT

1) for a UC tank, always pick EBs over DBs. While DBs seem good, they only add to your evasion. EBs however pump UC damage, PTH, evasion and dex.

2) TSA, far better for a PL tank as the TSA is better than the EH in all situations except against a MM mage.

3) The Exbow would be better for you if you made it to melee, otherwise you should use a SoD.

4) can't really help you with that one.

[Jedi] Danludar August 11 2009 4:17 AM EDT

1) EB's will up damage on UC? I was unaware of that.
2)I figured as much, the EH just seems...well useless in my situation
3)The tank almost always makes it to melee. I just was hoping to use it to drain as much ST as possible to nullify tanks.

BluBBen August 11 2009 4:20 AM EDT

1) EB's will up damage on UC? I was unaware of that.

EB's boost skill and therefor UC and it's damage.

[Jedi] Danludar August 11 2009 4:21 AM EDT

ah, again quite unaware. I've only payed attention to DB's over the time spent here for tanks.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 11 2009 4:25 AM EDT

1) EBs give a bonus to dex and SKILLS. Since UC damage is based entirely on Str and the UC skill itself, EBs is the better option.
3) that really depends on whether you intend to fight tanks or mages. Exbow is better for tanks, SoD is better for enchanters and mages.

[Jedi] Danludar August 11 2009 4:28 AM EDT

I'm thinking in the long run on that one. I see most high end damage is focused on tanks. There are a few exception up in the top ten but mostly its high net worth tanks it seems.

QBJohnnywas August 11 2009 4:43 AM EDT

Where the SoD is concerned:

The second biggest, with an X of over 7000 does the following damage against my enchanter, who has no damage reduction whatsoever.

"Valheru's explosive shot hit The Littlest Hobo [472862], Johnny Was [114085], Kano-san [123450]"

That particular SoD has about 200 million sunk into it, but a huge percentage of that is in the PTH which is about 240.

You won't necessarily need a PTH that high, you'll need it to be over the 100, but that's not too pricey. Meanwhile the X can be continuously pumped, even small amounts can be useful in the long run. It might take a while before you get to X7000 but it will be worthwhile.

If you're using UC as a weapon then you need a good ranged attack in my opinion. You can use the exbow and focus on taking on tanks, but if you want to be a bit more varied in your targets then you need more damage in ranged.

EBs on your UC guy, most definately. DBs are useful, but you'll be getting enough evasion from UC to take on most people as you climb. And higher up, DBs need to be pretty huge - and thus expensive- to be worthwhile.

Meanwhile: HF. Well worth their money. But work best if you junction them with the necessary archer gear. Which in the short time will be pricey. In the long term though cheaper than running a real archer...

[Jedi] Danludar August 11 2009 5:07 AM EDT

Around my MPR i figured a x1000 SoD would do me some good. not sure what NW that would be around. If anyone has one lying around they could loan me CM me. I would like to test this out.

The only question with the HF is yes its a great tattoo, but would the RoBF for slow damage still be more useful.

QBJohnnywas August 11 2009 5:10 AM EDT

You've noticed the tanks higher up, now look for the RBFs. There's a few of those too, mostly because they cannot be stopped if you are keeping the wearer alive. They have very little to counter them.

QBJohnnywas August 11 2009 5:12 AM EDT

A Sling of Death [5x1701] (+152) worth $60,489,478

What you're after would probably work out about half the NW.

[Jedi] Danludar August 11 2009 5:14 AM EDT

I noticed those RBF's as well. I can't really think of a counter for them other than out last really. If I switched to a SoD though I think I'd get into the argument of DM vs AMF to a point but especially if I went HF.

QBJohnnywas August 11 2009 5:16 AM EDT

I've said it elsewhere, since the introduction of Noldorin Spellcasters I've not used AMF except in small doses to counter decay. DM for your team would be a lot more useful.

[Jedi] Danludar August 11 2009 5:21 AM EDT

I'm already shaking at how much of a cash sink this could become haha.

I have some good info so far, I found a SoD in rentals. It was a little expensive, but its helping with some figures.

I noticed with the SoD though that the splash is countered by the RoBF. So maybe that could be an issue in the long run. So an Elbow could be a good choice I was thinking, but I feel like I'd be focusing A LOT on NW at that point.

I know I'm full of questions, but this game has advanced so far since I last hung around.

BluBBen August 11 2009 5:45 AM EDT

ELB on a UC minion wouldn't be very clever since you need to train Archery to get full use of the bow.

It's either sling or crossbow.

QBJohnnywas August 11 2009 6:25 AM EDT

Yeah, ELBs and Mageseekers are next to useless if you don't have archery trained, unless you invest heavily (are you seeing a pattern here?) in the PTH. And I mean major heavily. My bow is a PTH of 120, which isn't very big by CB upper level standards and without archery it doesn't hit once in most rounds.

For a UC guy you're limited these days to the SoD or Axbow/Exbow.

[Jedi] Danludar August 11 2009 5:20 PM EDT

Totally skipped my mind there, I posted that at around 5 am haha.

Thanks though guys I have a good idea on some things I wanna play around with now.
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