StarCraft / Win Vista (in Off-topic)

kevlar August 15 2009 2:31 PM EDT

So I dl'd the app from that allows you to dl the games you have purchased previously, but when I install the game to win vista, everytime I finish a game it blanks the screen and I have to hit enter and it kicks me out to windows. Yet another vista mystery... anyone know a fix?

AdminTal Destra August 15 2009 2:33 PM EDT

Use XP

kevlar August 15 2009 2:33 PM EDT

ya I'm thinking about it...

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 15 2009 2:35 PM EDT

first of all vista64 or 32?
Did you install all the patches?
Did you try the faq?
Did you try google?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 15 2009 2:38 PM EDT

try and run it in compatibility win9x that would solve it. or

[P]Mitt August 15 2009 3:25 PM EDT

I had a problem with the graphics. I run it in compatibility mode for XP (SP2), disabling visual themes and desktop composition.

Once that was done, I had no problems.

kevlar August 15 2009 4:12 PM EDT

thnx for the replies... its' strange win vista = satan for gaming. I can't describe it I guess... whenever I finish a game, it makes a "ding" noise and black screen appears... if I hit "enter" then I pop back to windows and have to restart the game every time... it's annoying. I think just going to win xp is the answer. I hate vista....

Brakke Bres [Ow man] August 15 2009 7:18 PM EDT

dude you're trying to play a game that is designed for win98SE. Don't blame Vista for this blame Blizzard for not giving a functional patch so Starcraft can work with Vista.

Bah I so hate when people seem to blame Vista for everything, I even run the x64, never I had any problems with the games I play.
Including old games.
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