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smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 17 2009 8:22 PM EDT

1 - What is G.ho.stᆴ?

G.ho.stᆴ, pronounced ghost, is the Global Hosted Operating SysTem that provides a free and complete Internet-based Virtual Computer (VC) service, including personal desktop, files and applications, available from any browser, anywhere. G.ho.stᆴ is written with dots in order to make it into a valid web address (URL).

2 - What is a Virtual Computer (VC)?

A service which behaves just like a computer (with a desktop, file system, applications, etc.) but that is not physically installed on any one computer but instead is hosted in a professional data center on the Internet and is accessible from any Internet browser.

13 - How much file storage do I get? The G.ho.stᆴ VC comes with 15GB of free file storage. More storage will be available soon via different promotions or for a modest monthly fee.

22 - If your service is free, how do you make money? G.ho.stᆴ may take a fee from service providers whom you access through the G.ho.stᆴ desktop at no cost to you. For example we get a percentage if you search Google on the G.ho.stᆴ Browser and click on a sponsored link. G.ho.stᆴ may in the future take a fee from users for certain value-added services but we have a long term commitment to providing you with a high quality fully functioning Virtual Computer for free and will only charge users for services over and above a fully functional Virtual Computer, for example for extra storage. Main Page Check out the Guest account to see how it runs.

If you sign up, if you want, use my referral address 'smallpau1'.

For the promotional code, use launch to get an extra 10GB storage.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 17 2009 8:23 PM EDT

Can also add me as a buddy once you get started using the name as well! Send me a request.

TheCakeIsTheTruth August 17 2009 8:34 PM EDT

Lol I signed up for this literally just before you made this post. Where do I enter the promotional code? I know it's launch, but I couldn't find a place.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 17 2009 8:36 PM EDT

After you verify your account through your email, it'll ask for account info, and I think page 2 will ask for the promo code and referral name.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] August 17 2009 8:36 PM EDT

What would you use something like this for?

TheCakeIsTheTruth August 17 2009 8:38 PM EDT

I was going to use it to backup my music, but it ended is lagging my pc. You could also use it say at work or school and access blocked sites like FB and Youtube.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] August 17 2009 9:04 PM EDT

This looks like a great opportunity to make a Web OS that is based completely on HelloKitty or Voltron or something, but instead it's some kind of silly productivity suite, boooorring!

Daz August 17 2009 9:16 PM EDT

Well, that's kind of cool. I might have a use for it later on - I like being able to access my stuff from anywhere.

I find it kind of hilarious that its already a file sharing platform, though.

Demigod August 17 2009 10:23 PM EDT

Done. The referral code section appears after creating the login. I made sure to enter your name to give you the extra 5 gigs of porn storage productivity storage.


AdminNightStrike August 18 2009 12:58 AM EDT

What makes this different from the 759437589475938 other web desktops out there?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 18 2009 1:01 AM EDT

Amount of space I'm sure is the main difference.

AdminNightStrike August 18 2009 2:27 AM EDT

Ok, I'll give you that

MissingNo August 18 2009 2:38 AM EDT

I didn't know we had the technology to do things like this yet......

Burton August 18 2009 3:11 AM EDT


PearsonTritonRaveshaw August 18 2009 3:09 PM EDT

How much space do you have now smallpau? Is it 5GB per friend? lol =P

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] August 18 2009 3:35 PM EDT

Bwahaha, Paul won't be happy until he's up to 400gb of storage.
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