Some Things I'm Starting to See (in General)

[Jedi] Danludar September 6 2009 2:55 PM EDT

I know it's like pounding about 200 nails in a coffin, but I'm gonna post it anyways :).

First topic- Rolling bonus

I have been thinking about it lately, and I wanted to know from Jon or NS why it promotes laziness. It would let us take breaks to forge, and up our gear so we can keep up with USD spenders. I have other reasons why I support it, but my main reason for asking is to get the side of the "gods.".

Second Topic- Tattoos

So I see hal complaints, RoBF complaints, and a whole list of these tattoos suck complaints. Now I know CB2 was made so that no player could recreate Spid and rule the game undefeated, but I do think when the highest lvl ToE is 3mil and the highest lvl RoBF, SF, and Hals are over 10mil something is wrong. Nobody ever talks about jigs either way even though one of the highest tattoos out there is a jig. Again this point is aimed more at NS and Jon, but all posts are welcome :).

Third Topic- Minions

So I've noticed since coming back that running a multi minion damage dealing team is quite difficult without tons of NW that we can't reach within the game without taking breaks to forge or spending USD. The recent posts about a 4 tanks team sparked this thought. It's to difficult to even earn the money let alone have enough experience without the RoE being around anymore to make this viable. I think this cripples our strategy choices. It'd be nice if we could make this a bit less far fetched. Even having a mage and a tank on the same team without a familiar seems to be a very difficult thing to produce without 500mil+ NW.

In conclusion here if Jon or NS could clear some of these things up as to why I'd probably give you a big hug. I'd like everyones opinion personally as well.

[Jedi] Danludar September 6 2009 3:00 PM EDT

Oh I forgot to add on topic 3 that the PR/NW link and Enc also help to frown upon that.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] September 6 2009 3:44 PM EDT

The way I think of a rolling bonus and the way people explain it (from what I understand) seem to be a lot different. When people say rolling bonus I think they mean a bonus that goes down as you get closer to the top. If this is the case then I think its stupid and does support laziness and after about a year of playing or so all the active users would be just rolling around at the top.

However, the way I think of a rolling bonus is a bonus that increases as you continue to burn BA. So like if you take all the possible BA you could burn in a year which would be 210,240 for the 6 BA range (that is buyable + natural). Then say have the maximum bonus of hitting every single BA to be 500%. And so as you play your bonus goes up more.

Now weather to make the increase linear or exponential I am not sure. But if it is exponential it would keep people from being able to reach the full 500%. Like if you hit 90% of all your BA then it would be a 300% bonus.

As for New Player they could start out with the full bonus for the 1st month or so and then it would start to go down as they miss BA.

BHT September 6 2009 3:45 PM EDT

I bet 1Mil CB to anyone that Jon will NEVER post in this thread. Hell, I doubt he will even read it.

BHT September 6 2009 3:48 PM EDT

Jon's last five posts:

(General) 1 post to Themes (again) at Aug 25
(General) 2 posts to what server are we on? by Aug 18
(General) 1 post to NCB? No thanks. at Jul 30
(General) 1 post to Clicking on my posts gives me a server error at Jul 28
(General) 1 post to Transfering clan ownership: bug / by-passed at Jul 18

NS, can you please give us a valid explanation as to why the rolling bonus is a bad idea?

[Jedi] Danludar September 6 2009 8:07 PM EDT

So not to many hits here. Neither jon nor NS have anything to say, or even any of the other admins for that part.

BluBBen September 7 2009 2:48 AM EDT

Please explain to me why the admins should say something about things like this.

[Jedi] Danludar September 7 2009 1:37 PM EDT

Opinions of the higher ups. They have power why not chime in.

BootyGod September 7 2009 4:18 PM EDT

Why not?

I'm sure their reasons are fantastic. But my purely selfish reason for them not respond to player's posts is this:

I'd rather them spend the 2 minutes it would take to respond on making the game better. It's that simple.

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