What's this below (in General)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 13 2009 7:57 PM EDT

Deadsoul's personal page?:

<!-- Sir Leon: 275k MaLicious: 65k GodwolfR: 272k TMDoc: 45k Shade: 25k --{cb1}Freed: 600k Doom Lit Sky: 25k smallpau1: 30k Quark: 50k House Shannara: 550k (RIP CB1)logan666 (I Win): 73k Riddick: 30k I_Love_Emma: 1 BarzooMonkey: 50k chappy: 100k kazuma: 125k Bon Jon: 61k Thargor: 23k DrAcO5676: 60k Valiek: 25k thunderpants: 80k zoglog: 35k WildEagle: 50k maulaxe: 10k rathershady: 76k edyit: 113k Soulless Hero: 43k carsten: 10k Johnnywas : 300k Mikel: 100k Chorlton: 144k Silver: 200k th00p: 61k chernobyl: 250k Foolio: 10k Lukey: 10k Hyrule_Castle: 266k Karmic_Mishap: 25k Seth_K: 30k Negator: 30k stabilo: 100k -->

Too many misspelled words!

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- September 13 2009 9:04 PM EDT

That's weird O.O

AdminNightStrike September 14 2009 12:26 PM EDT

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