blasted truckers (in Off-topic)

kevlar September 25 2009 7:20 AM EDT

Some of them [Admin Edit] are crazy scary the way they pass you in the fast lane in narrow construction lanes going 70mph

Neo Japan September 25 2009 7:25 AM EDT

its not always thier fault though. They have deadlines they have to meet.

kevlar September 25 2009 7:30 AM EDT

it's cool if they blast past in a regular lane, but with those cement barriers on both sides it seems like ya have inches (it's probably feet) from skinning ya ;)

Neo Japan September 25 2009 7:43 AM EDT

I'll never say its not scary

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] September 25 2009 12:46 PM EDT

Heh, speeding in construction lanes is not just stupid for other drivers, but also for the people who work there. Deadline or not, insane truckers like this one are very negligent, and are potential murderers.

Again, deadline or not, they are willing to risk other folks' lives for a pay. In my opinion, that is not morally right and every time one of them near-misses me, I with I could revoke their license only be thinking or doing it. Ugh.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] September 25 2009 1:14 PM EDT

Deadlines are never unreasonable, if they are speeding it's because they spent way too long on their backsides when they should be driving.
It may be a difficult job but they are being a danger due to their own stupidity.
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