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Joel September 26 2009 3:03 PM EDT

First of all, the most important thing in order to get strong is NOT to work-out without limiting yourself. Exercise is only part of the way. There are several other things that are just as important as exercise.
As much as you need exercise you also need enough sleep and a proper diet.

Sleep: You need 8+ hours per day of sleep so that you will heal fast enough and so that you will have enough energy for any work-out that you have planned.

Diet Requirements: You need to eat ALOT! You basically need to eat every 3 hours or your metabolism will start to slow down.
It gets more complicated though!
As soon as you wake up you need to eat a BIG breakfast and take a good multivitamin.
The next meals will be normal sized.
I recommend going to the gym only 1 hour after eating a meal; this way you can insure that you will have some fresh energy being processed for you during your workout.
My workouts last about 1 hour and 30 min. so by the time I'm finished I have to get home and eat.
The next big meal will be the meal you have as soon as you get home; DO NOT WASTE ANY TIME!
Eat as much as you can of high carbohydrate, high protein, and low-saturated fat/high mono and polyunsaturated fat containing foods. Carbohydrates to restore your muscles energy stores.
Protein to provide the building-blocks for the new muscle tissue your body wants to add now.
And low saturated fat but high mono/polyunsaturated fats; saturated fat is always bad for you, while mono/polyunsaturated fats are very healthy for you.
Personally I eat 2 peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches with 2-3 glasses of milk after a workout.
I'm going to start adding more vegetables to my diet soon too ;). Three hours later you will be eating again etc.
Before bed you need to eat another HUGE meal to ensure that your body has enough fuel throughout the night and so that you will gain weight.
If you do not have enough fuel then your body will not allow growth to happen.
If your body constantly has to reach into storage for calories then that means your nutrient intake is not enough; your body will only grow when you have a surplus of nutrients and calories to work with. High metabolism individuals will need to eat more at every meal so that they can keep up with their metabolism.

The next important thing to remember to do is to REST ENOUGH BETWEEN SETS!
I usually rest 3-6 min. between workouts and about 6-10 min. between sets.
Its like this: Bench-press-205lbs. x9, rest 3-6 min.; Incline-Bench-135lbs. x9, rest 3-6min.; Reverse-Incline-205lbs. x9, rest 3-6 min.; Fly-Press Machine-90lbs. x9, finished One set now, rest 6-10 min.

It is important to rest enough between sets because you can burn all of your stored energy too quickly if you don't.
Straining because you've run out of energy burns you up really fast, and it pretty much makes you tired for the rest of the day.
This is because of the lack of Oxygen in your muscles.
Oxygen is one of the most important factors of energy production within a cell.
When Oxygen is present within a cell then energy production is huge when compared to another cell that lacks Oxygen.
If a cell lacks Oxygen then it burns your fuel at the same rate as normal, but produces far less energy.
This will lead to you having nothing left to use for energy, and you will have to quit for the day or risk burning muscle tissue for energy.

Have any of you guys seen a Strongman Competition?
Have you noticed how different those guys look compared to Bodybuilders?
The stronger 'Weight Lifter' type of body has extra fat storage on and inside of it.
This helps the body in several ways.
Number One: the more you weigh compared to an object, the easier it is to lift it; it's simple leverage.
Number Two: More fat insures that you remain strong during training and during heavy lifts due to the high energy provided by the fat stores.
Number Three: fat absorbs many different kinds of vitamins and other nutrients for later use; a good fat content insures that you will stay healthy.
The 'Bodybuilder' type of body is usually weaker than the 'Weight Lifter' body type because they train differently.
The Bodybuilder does not train the same way that a Weight Lifter does; they train to increase muscle form and size but that does not translate directly to 'Power'. Bodybuilders use many different types of workouts and they usually lift lighter weights than a Weight Lifter but lift it many more times. This only builds muscle that is good for endurance but is not good for heavy weight. Weight Lifters lift much heavier weights, comparatively, but usually only go for 1-5 repititions. This is great for building muscle that can continue to lift those heavy weights; you see, the body adapts to whatever happens to it, building itself up in a logical way.

Now with all this knowledge I'm sure you all can start making leaps and bounds beyond what you have already experienced. I have made some serious gains and have noticed my developement start to accelerate because I strictly followed my routine, diet, and sleep/rest requirements.
I can't wait to see your improvements! I'll keep posting mine as I progress!

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] September 26 2009 4:47 PM EDT

That was actually very interesting.

Demigod September 26 2009 5:00 PM EDT

Reading this makes me feel lazy. Not lazy enough to turn off the football games and actually work out, though. :) But I did enjoy working out back when I was active.

Joel September 26 2009 5:10 PM EDT

Start back up! I still have plenty of time to play this game and several others; all it takes is 1-2 hours in each of the 5 days a week you work out! Personally I only do 1-2 hours in each of 3 days a week, MAX, but I hope to work up to 5 days ;)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] September 26 2009 5:24 PM EDT

And now for muscle wasting and nutrient timing, please.

Joel September 26 2009 5:34 PM EDT

Yes, muscle atrophy takes about two weeks to be seen. That is including the 1 week of rest that I prescribe between a workout of a particular muscle group and the next workout for the same muscle group. I usually rest 7 days between days of bench-press, in other words.

Nutrient timing is very critical, even on the days you do not exercise. Remember, ALWAYS eat a big breakfast and before dinner eat big as well. In general, eat every 3 hours. Thats all the nutrient timing I use.

Demigod September 26 2009 5:45 PM EDT

Out of curiosity, how do you feel about creatine? I always felt like it did wonders for recovery time and energy.

Joel September 26 2009 5:54 PM EDT

I've heard good things about Creatine. My big brother used it for a while, but he stopped using it pretty quickly. I don't know why, I should ask him. I don't really want to use supplements other than protein right now. If/when I need an extra boost, when I hit a plateu in my growth, I'll start trying N.O. and Creatine and other similar products. Right now I feel I don't really need all of that since it is still early in my training and I still have some easy growth left.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] September 26 2009 6:00 PM EDT

I eat 6 times a day, 20g protein & 35(ish)g "good" carb. Plus all the low-g vegetables I can choke down. I typically eat 1-1.5 hrs. prior to my official work out and within 45 minutes apres gym. I can't eat properly any closer to the start because of barfiness.

Over the course of a few months, +/- 12 lbs. of my overall weight loss was lean muscle mass. I want that 12 back.

At the time I was only getting 4-5 hrs. sleep daily. I'm up to 6-9 regularly now. I'm told that's going to help.

Not bothering to double post into previous thread, since you wouldn't be getting my height/weight/age if you were Jack LaLanne or Joseph Pilates, so:

4 aerobic kickboxing hrs. per week, 16 oz gloves and a heavy bag.
3 resistance hrs. per week, progressive bands.
2-3 yoga hrs. per week.
2-4 miles walk/intervals 5 times per week.

Untouchable September 26 2009 6:20 PM EDT


how do you favorite bulletins? haha

Joel September 27 2009 2:31 AM EDT

Hello Bast! I guess we can label you as the most cardiovascularly and aerobically fit person so far! But I can tell that you are burning a ton more calories than I do per day. If you want to gain weight, you need to eat a lot more. Especially healthy fats, which are extremely calorically dense. Some people drink olive oil to quickly acquire a huge amount of healthy calories from fat. About 1 cup per day will net you almost 2000 calories. I think you would need to do that every day to gain your weight back. In fact, I'm thinking of doing something similar!

And Lookatme! I'm glad you are interested in this kind of thing! Just ask me any questions you may have!

Lord Bob September 27 2009 2:50 AM EDT

I would love to get back in shape.

Not because I care about my health so much. I just love to fight.

Joel October 1 2009 4:29 AM EDT

"Remember, ALWAYS eat a big breakfast and before dinner eat big as well"

Thats a huge typo! I meant to say before BED eat big not before dinner. I'll be posting my workout routine soon in a new thread!
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