Shinobu/Voyevoda PP (in Public Record)

KittehShinobu October 29 2009 5:36 PM EDT

^_^ For the total of 2 mil to be paid in full within 3-4 weeks.
Item in question: JF
Agreed Price: 2,000,000 cbd

I will send the JF "After" you have signed this contract agreeing to the terms of the Payment Plan. ^_^Upfront payment of 400k is required.

Total left after upfront= 1.6mil cbd.


KittehShinobu October 29 2009 5:56 PM EDT

Money should be sent to:
Shin's Secret Place
^_^ I can keep track of it there.

MissingNo October 29 2009 8:32 PM EDT


Voyevoda (8-Bit Theater) Shinobu (Shin's Secret Place) $400000 8:31 PM EDT

KittehShinobu October 29 2009 10:57 PM EDT

Jiggy sent to your 8-bit char. ^_^ Let the micro loan,a.k.a payplan begin!

Amount left: 1,600,000

KittehShinobu November 1 2009 6:10 AM EST

mew. ^_^

MissingNo November 4 2009 1:29 AM EST

OpVines (8-Bit Theater) Shinobu (Shin's Secret Place) $800000 1:29 AM EST

800k left.

KittehShinobu November 4 2009 3:05 AM EST

^.^ nice and fast too lol... congrats

KittehShinobu November 11 2009 9:59 AM EST

bump. =P I WILL bump this up to advoid inactivity...

MissingNo November 12 2009 1:50 AM EST

Yeah, you do that.

OpVines (8-Bit Theater) Shinobu (Shin's Secret Place) $800000 1:50 AM EST

Paid off.

KittehShinobu November 12 2009 4:37 AM EST

=3 thankies and ^_^ have fun

*Tries to close the thread but doesnt have Admin powas like Shade/Slayer* ^_^ CLOSED!
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