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Flamey October 30 2009 4:09 AM EDT

I'm watching it now with my girlfriend for the second time. I'm just curious about the legal system, and I understand it's a comedy but they're trying to be serious for seinfeld.

They were bringing in witnesses to understand the personal character of Jerry + Friends. Pretty much to make them look like evil bastards. My question is, you're not allowed to bring in witnesses that had nothing to do with the crime on trial, right?

The "prosecution" is proving that "this wasn't an isolated incident".

TheHatchetman October 30 2009 4:40 AM EDT

Dude... you live in the future and you're watching something that aired eleven and a half years ago? =-O

QBsutekh137 October 30 2009 9:41 AM EDT

I think character witnesses can be part of a defense and/or prosecution, though probably not to the extent that finale uses...

As far as the Samaritan Law, if you were wondering about that, it is definitely something on the books in places. In fact, investigation into that heinous act at the California school is implementing such an argument, since apparently a lot of people stood around watching (or at least not caring) and never called 911...

Did you enjoy the episode? I know a lot of people thought "what the heck?" about that finale. I thought it was OK, was good to see all the old faces...

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 30 2009 10:00 AM EDT

Character witnesses are completely ok. I haven't seen the final episode. (I know I know... I'm just 18, I was like 10 when it aired) But, yes character witnesses are used quite often. Usually though, defendants or prosecutors use people that are involved with the case, as they usually know the character of the person involved too.

Flamey October 31 2009 11:29 PM EDT

Hatch, a classic's always good :D

Sut, thanks for that. I believed the Good Samaritan law. In Aust law, omission to act, or along those lines exists very well. I've only seen it used in cases of negligence. IE: The barkeep serving the obviously way too drunk man and then letting him drive him and he kills someone. The barkeep is partially responsible there by law.

I'd just never seen "Character witnesses", tbh. But it makes sense to prove the aggravating factors to increase the sentence.

I enjoyed it, I thought it was quite clever. I did think that it sort of put a stain on the characters, when you saw it all summed up, yes they were pretty mean, but individual episodes sort of wrap up in a cheery way. I thought the final scene was brilliant. With lines of "It's only a year, we'll be back" and "Haven't we had this conversation before?" whilst they're sitting in the cell opposite from each other mimicking the coffee shop.

I watched all 9 seasons in a space of 3 or so months. I had watched the 3 series' of Skins in between though, so I would've finished Seinfeld quicker. All in all, it's good, but I think if I was around at the time, a lot of the jokes would be funnier. When they were satirising new technology, IE: The internet, I couldn't really relate as I'd always had it. I saw the humour, but yeah, context was a bit off.
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