Lesser / Normal Tattoo's and NW differences (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 30 2009 6:07 AM EDT

Why do lesser Tattoos have less NW than normal Tattoos of the same level?

They both do excatly the same thing for thier level, so why the disparity?

For example, level 20 lessers have a NW of 1,186. While a level 20 normal has a NW of 11,043.

Granted, the normals grow faster, but should this be represented in an increased NW, when at equal levels they both do exactly the same thing?

A level 1M ToE will provide the exact same physical damage reduction as a level 1M lesser ToE.

Hmmm. Actually, there might be a difference here. A level 1M ToA would provide the same STR/DEX as a level 1M lesser ToA. But the normal would provide more weapon PTH wouldn't it? As it's the Tattoo's NW that is converted into Weapon PTH.

Does and equal level ToA provide more PTH than a lesser? Should it?

QBJohnnywas October 30 2009 6:15 AM EDT

I never understood tattoo NW anyway. But I guess the faster growth also counts towards it's worth.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 30 2009 6:34 AM EDT

Why should it?

When NW adds to PR.

If a 1M FF has the same health and DD as a 1M Lesser FF, why does the normal Tattoo add so much more PR, becuase it has much more NW?

Shouldn't the Net Worth and therefore added 'power' of the Tattoos be equal?

Are these any other Tattoos apart from the ToA that use NW to figure effects? This could also be an issue for Hals ELBows, if you could get a lesser Hal. ;)

(And I've never understood why Tattoo NW is so large...)

blackshadowshade October 30 2009 6:54 AM EDT

Maybe Tattoo NW is so high to make it financially painful to transfer a large tattoo.

QBJohnnywas October 30 2009 6:57 AM EDT

Initial NW might also be so that a new starter can get going that much quicker with a lesser.

I think NW was assigned pre NUB. That might account for some of it.
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