whats a good measure of.... (in General)

Shark November 5 2009 7:11 AM EST

whats a good measure of how your characters are doing?
score = MPR?
score 2x MPR?
score 3x MPR?

I felt that 2x score/MPR was the place to be but I understand higher rated that this just isn't possible.

I find it harder to get bonus the farther spread the MPR gets away from the score...bec all I can beat is dead meat and all the dead meat down here is 4xMPR = score..They used to auto retire these like that..Did they stop that too? give us more people to battle

So when I find my score being SKEWED by winning battles I shouldn't, I go knock myself back down bec I have notice I lose bonus XP with too high a score Vs MPR...bec score is what you get XP on.

Am I going about this the right way? It all I know to do

I lose so many XP anyway bec of time and I can't be a clan member..

just Tryin to make the most of it so it doesn't make me mad (again) >:)

I think I'm done being MAD..really I am ..I think..Maybe...hmmmmm let me check again :)

I notice some score issues come up before so chime in if you feel inclined to do so..

Im a Bee GooD

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 5 2009 7:20 AM EST

score is relative, your own PR influence your score much more then the CB you're getting.

Basically if your score is higher then your PR, sorry high characters with high PR's, then your doing alright.

Levon [Clocked Out] November 5 2009 9:20 AM EST

unfortunately, you're not gonna get more people to battle as long as people are retiring their characters in order to run an NCB.. i disagree with this practice, but as far as i understand it people are forced to do so since keeping their old character negatively affects their new character

i hope this will change sometime in the future.. i believe we should be able to set an "active" character for the purposes of BA generation and costs, which would deny a player the ability to use a lower MPR character to feed BA to the higher MPR character.. i could be mistaken but i believe that is the only reason players are retiring the big character when running a new one

Wraithlin November 5 2009 6:31 PM EST

Well if you wanted to fix this completely, I'll bring back a previous suggestion, maybe it will get more light this time.

1 - Keep track of the total XP on your account of all active teams. 2 - The amount of money you get from battles is then reduced by the fraction of the total account experience that team has.
3 - Every team you have gets BA based on the MPR of that team, and you can buy BA for every team, also based on thier MPR.
4 - Any team that is retired drops to 0 BA, any team that is unretired starts with 0 BA, and 0 BA available to buy.

Summary: You would get to field multiple teams but not make any extra cash as your cash wins would be exactly the same fighting with 4 teams as it would be fighting with 1 team. Actually people that fight with 4 teams would get less due to cost of healing the minions. To counter this you could just add a minor 3% or so to all money gained. People would retire characters because they didn't want to play them, not because they wanted to play other teams.

You could also scrap the sandbox account idea as this would cover it, and more since you could get transfers on your other teams.

RaptorX November 5 2009 7:39 PM EST

Wraithlin. It seems you always have an off the wall suggestion that would change tons of stuff. Which I actually like a lot, usually it is great for discussion at least so we learn stuff hearing about it.
. You think about this stuff a lot don't you? In the words of a pirate - "...You need to get yourself a girl, mate." Just Kidding.
I like this idea a lot, it just seemed out of left field.
It would really change things though.

I think retired characters could stay "in play" so they can be fodder for other battles. Just be inaccessible till un-retired. And not earn or lose money. Maybe earn half XP. ?

Wraithlin November 5 2009 7:46 PM EST

Well I am thinking about it alot. I am making my own game that is similar and different at the same time to CB. Mine is actually more like a DnD/CB theme, I really like the build your team then hit one button to fight theme. However I am going to have NPCs and parties of up to 12 etc, lots of differences.

But since i'm building my own site, i think about stuff for my game, and I use things I see as flaws in CB for things I want to correct when i'm building mine. One of the flaws I see in CB is only being able to have one competive team at a time. I realize that it takes alot of balancing issues to accomplish this without letting people get overpowered at the same time with multiple sources of income and items.

Also just in general when I play online games that I enjoy, I always make suggestions when I can. Every game can be better, it's just up to the admins to decide what "better" is.

Shark November 5 2009 11:05 PM EST

I not know that havin un retired characters affects your bonus with your active fighting character

Wraithlin November 6 2009 12:09 AM EST

It doesn't

Shark November 6 2009 12:18 AM EST

heh yeah i retired my guy i had sitting an it didnt change nothin,,I obviously misunderstood that

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] November 6 2009 12:20 AM EST

Just so you know you want to hit 2x PR in score in order to get 100% challenge bonus when fighting.

Shark November 6 2009 1:33 AM EST

just seems like something, such as score in this case, which has more weight in the battle formula, than the actual PR/MPR has when taking into consideration who you are battling wits with, :) would not be able to be skewed so easily as to prevent one with an inflated score, thru no fault of their own, from getting the bonus of his pre inflated score fight list..nasty little gem that can be ...inflate the scores under you so they cant get the bonus XP they had. stifling them and then beat them back for it and make it worth your time...ugly ugly ugly feature > I been playing Thug games too damn long
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