2012 (in Contests)

BHT November 5 2009 9:44 PM EST

Who and why.

$50k reward, unlimited guesses

Kompton Kidd November 5 2009 9:45 PM EST

[Admin Edit].

BHT November 5 2009 9:46 PM EST

$75k reward

Kokokitty November 5 2009 9:46 PM EST

Obama, because he lied about good change and now he wants to nook the whole world! XD I donno lol.

Kompton Kidd November 5 2009 9:47 PM EST


December 21, 2012

A regular day, just like the rest.

BHT November 5 2009 9:47 PM EST


BHT November 5 2009 9:48 PM EST

Tis a contest of sorts
search the transfers for supports

Kokokitty November 5 2009 9:50 PM EST

http://abcnews.go.com/International/story?id=5301284&page=1&page=1 there >.>' hope this is it lol. I am just guessing.

BHT November 5 2009 9:53 PM EST

the track you are on is off lad
come back here a tad

Kompton Kidd November 5 2009 10:02 PM EST

Chosen one(s)?

Rawr November 5 2009 10:17 PM EST


Reason: Humwawa, The Traveling Man, Aztroll.

H, T, A. ==> HAT ==> Hatchet -.-

Revs November 5 2009 10:18 PM EST

All of us, because the Mayan calendar ends. And apparently due to their lack of forethought, the conclusion is that the world will end. But only after capitalistic money grubbers get three years out of low end 3D CGI movies so we can all get a taste of what's to come and the doom and gloomers feel justified.

Unappreciated Misnomer November 5 2009 10:41 PM EST

i hope all the rumors i heard are true, that for a few days the alingnment of all the planets will increase our gravity effectively killing off the weak. cause we are too weak to clean house our selves. and after which we have a greater and better understanding of humans and our place in the world as not on the top of the food chain, cancer>human

basically enjoi life its about the jurney not the destination.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 5 2009 10:44 PM EST

Who: Me

Why: I'm slightly more intelligent than people who believed that human sacrifice caused the sun to rise every day.

BHT November 5 2009 10:46 PM EST

Rawr is the only once remoteley on track

Mesoshort November 5 2009 10:48 PM EST

canada gets the olympics

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] November 5 2009 11:14 PM EST

Who: THEM (A.K.A - THEY)

Why: Because they can, They are responsible for everything
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