How do you make a website in notepad? (in Off-topic)

Pwned November 9 2009 5:42 PM EST

I've been searching and for some reason the youtube videos just don't work for me? I dunno if I'm not following them correctly or what.

Sickone November 9 2009 5:47 PM EST

Just pick a page as simple as possible (say, - don't do it for CB, it has frames, and it's a bit weirder) and select "view source" in whatever browser you're using (IE for instance opens them up directly in notepad).
Make whatever changes you want and save the file (make sure you rename from *.txt into *.htm) and open it with a browser.

adampurkis November 9 2009 5:48 PM EST

thats a pretty broad question.. but have a look at some css and html tutorials i guess for a start.

its still easier to use something like dreamweaver, just so its easier to keep the code organised, and you get a rough idea of how things look as you are doing them.

but its not too bad doing it in notepad, bit hard to sort of tell you 'how' right here though.

Sickone November 9 2009 5:48 PM EST

Try this:

Pwned November 9 2009 6:01 PM EST

XD I'm an idiot, stupid youtube videos don't tell you to save the file with the extension .html

alaskanpsyko November 10 2009 1:20 AM EST

you arent the idiot..the ones who made the videos and left out that little detail out are the ones, since they made an incomplete tutorial.
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