"Mass - We Pray" : elaborate prank or real ? (in Off-topic)

Sickone November 18 2009 5:10 AM EST


Take a peek and be amazed.
I'm leaning (heavily) towards practical joke, but then again...

Cube November 18 2009 9:20 AM EST

Almost definitely a prank..

Demigod November 18 2009 9:57 AM EST

Yes, it's a prank, but it's hilarious.

IndependenZ November 18 2009 11:31 AM EST

Awesome. It makes me feel... South Park-y.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- November 18 2009 4:14 PM EST

How awesome would it be if it was another Dante's Inferno Prank, as if their mailer Rick Rolls weren't enough!

kevlar November 18 2009 4:28 PM EST

Christian (*insert whatever religion here*) Rock Band would be way more believable... and could even be actually released ;)
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