New Super Mario Bros Wii (in Off-topic)

BluBBen November 25 2009 3:46 AM EST

So, for those of you that got it/played it what do you think?

For those of you who haven't played it yet, do it! (if you have played and enjoyed the earlier games like Mario 3 or Mario World)

I think it's a great game!
Some say that nothing is new and that 2D mario have been the same since Mario 3. But that's what I love!
I bought NSMBW because I have played through all the earlier Mario games far to many time. And I was not disappointed with this one like I was with the Mario game for DS.
The DS variant was far to easy for me, but a great way to intruduce todays young kids to 2D mario. But the Wii game turned up the difficulty a lot, sure it is not as hard as the last world of SMB3 or The lost Levels but hard enough to be entertaining and not letting you race through each and every level without dying.

Sorry for my terrible little rewiew ^_^ Please tell me what you guys think of it :-)

Ancient Anubis November 25 2009 4:42 AM EST

i'm with u blub this game is similar to the other mario games but why change something if it it never stops being entertaining which this doesn't. i have to say though the best bit about this mario is having mates join in with u in the world not just waiting for there turn but actually doing the world with ya and how funny is it swallowing your mate with the yoshi your riding then spitting him out :)

Definantly my new favourite game taking over from mario kart as the game to play while getting drunk and before heading out

BluBBen November 25 2009 4:58 AM EST

Biggest issue with Yoshi is that you only get him on a handful of levels :-(

kevlar November 25 2009 7:25 AM EST

I have heard Mario Galaxy was a really good game, but I'm interested to see if the sales from this new one rocket past Galaxy's. Even though it's a familiar face, you still have that new controller interface that makes pretty much any game you play on that system a new experience... Nintendo don't mess around.

AdminG Beee November 25 2009 7:27 AM EST

I'm adding it to daughter #2's Christmas list.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 25 2009 9:35 AM EST

As a long time gamer and fan of the series, I about squee'd when I heard this was out. Then I picked it up... And couldn't put it down for seven hours. The game is hilarious good fun and with the ability to play four player co-op, you can do some things that are just plain silly. Admittedly, four player makes bosses a wee bit too easy, but the rest of the game is too much. We're going to do a massive Coin Battle this weekend so I'll let you know how the versus mode goes.
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