strat help/advice (in General)

adampurkis December 9 2009 8:38 PM EST

hey all, need some advice with my character.

somehow (i guess when i was drunk or something) i have managed to hire a 3rd minion, took me a little bit to notice as well, so i have about 5.5m XP saved up on this 3rd character. looking at my other 2 minions, i have one with purely AS, and the other split roughly 1/2 DM, 1/2 GA.. then i also have my SF tatoo.

so.. with all this xp saved up, and the probable cost it was to hire the 3rd minion.. what should i do with it? what would compliment my team at the moment or what do you guys think best?


Rawr December 9 2009 8:41 PM EST

I always felt that GA only synergizes well with large amounts of HP. So you could probably change that GA to complete DM, so that you SF will be protected more against GA and burns through enemy AS. As for your third minion, your only source of HP is your SF's natural HP and the AS. The AS is dispellable, so how about a PL wall? Throw natural HP into the wall with a PL and MgS, protecting versus enemy Magic Missile, Mageseekers, and spread damage.

adampurkis December 9 2009 9:02 PM EST

hmm yeah i see what youre saying about the HP/PL thing. cant say i fully understand PL, need to go and have a look at the wiki i guess, but what sorta ratio would that mean training in HP and PL? thanks for the advice too btw!

Rawr December 9 2009 9:16 PM EST

PL is a very nice skill to train for defensive purposes.
Basically whatever minion has PL will take the damage the other minions on the team takes, at a 10% reduction too. So it lowers damage taken and absorbs it to keep your team alive even longer. This works extremely well with MgS to lower magic damage and Trollskin Armor to regenerate HP, which means more damage to absorb (remember TSA only regenerates intrinsic HP, not AS given HP)! Ratio wise, you really only need about 1/10th since PL trains at a 1.5 rate or something. If you do train it you should look at your fight logs and see what kind of damage you are taken and train accordingly. But since you should be getting Elven gear (boots and cloak and gloves) along with an AoF, your skill will be boosted so much there is very little need to invest heavily into PL.

adampurkis December 9 2009 11:01 PM EST

cool thanks a lot! i'll definitly take a look at this! what do others think about this suggestion to btw?

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] December 9 2009 11:09 PM EST

If you use PL you cannot use GA effectively.
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