Clan Signup (in General)

Demigod December 14 2009 1:11 PM EST

Is your back sore from carrying your team? Is your clan just not quite as good as it used to be? Would you like to upgrade?

Well, now's your chance. We recently lost a good member of our clan, and that means that we now have shoes to fill. Compare your clan's history chart to ours, death by jabberwocky, and see if we pull a higher bonus than your current group.

Our current max VPR is around 5.8 mil, and of course N*Bs are welcome. It's a closed group, so simply CM dudemus if you're interested.

Sickone December 15 2009 1:34 AM EST

I can vouch for the clan, haven't been in there too long, but it's been pretty good times (and hey, I'm already on the first page of the 1-year-total clan point earners, hehe).
If you're a pretty decent clannie in a not so decent clan, at least consider joining us... and you won't regret it if you do, with your help we could very well be in the very top almost constantly (we already kind of are, but with you it would be easier).

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 15 2009 2:13 PM EST

well we did get one new member, and we still have room for a smallish n*b if we get one fairly quickly:

The max VPR you can accept is 628,425.

Sickone December 20 2009 2:56 AM EST

One spot permanently filled, second spot is now again available.

Max VPR we can accept is slightly above 500,000 - if you're getting close to that point, hurry up ;)

It's a closed group again, so CM Demigod if you're interested.
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