I Made the News (in Off-topic)

AdminTitan January 3 2010 9:53 PM EST

Google Newark NJ airport... yeah, I'm in terminal C.

DERPA [Red Permanent Assurance] January 3 2010 9:57 PM EST

Is this you?

ResistanZ January 3 2010 10:26 PM EST

Yeah, if not, give us link plox.

AdminTitan January 3 2010 10:47 PM EST

yeah that's me. It's also on CNN's website. There was literally around 800 people waiting to go through security at one time.

iBananco [Blue Army] January 3 2010 10:48 PM EST

So are you on the no-fly list now?

Adios Muchachos January 3 2010 10:59 PM EST


better go turn yourself in!! they are still searching for you lol

apparently the security there sucks horribly bad

DERPA [Red Permanent Assurance] January 3 2010 11:01 PM EST

Yesterday I commented your intent with the CP ploy made you a full DAStard.
Coincidence you were seen as a terrorist the next day? I think not!

Kefeck [BlackSmith] January 3 2010 11:09 PM EST

lol titan. tell us the full story! :)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 3 2010 11:11 PM EST

Titan, remember you're not playing CGen anymore, no more crazy antics!

AdminNightStrike January 3 2010 11:16 PM EST

I think I'm missing a joke....

kevlar January 3 2010 11:18 PM EST

terminal n_C_b has the largest baggage claim in the airport.

Kompton Kidd January 3 2010 11:23 PM EST

Tell us more..

kevlar January 3 2010 11:24 PM EST


Kompton Kidd January 3 2010 11:24 PM EST

It's the most popular story on CNN now lol

Demigod January 3 2010 11:29 PM EST

Holy crap, that's hilarious. And the quote of the day, from the 2nd link: "The TSA isn't the problem, it's the boob who blew through security."

Way to go, boob!

DERPA [Red Permanent Assurance] January 3 2010 11:34 PM EST

"The TSA isn't the problem, it's the boob who blew through security."

CB1 nostalgia?

[P]Mitt January 4 2010 2:51 AM EST

Well considering this link, I'd say this isn't much worse than how it usually is :P

Pity I usually fly out of there. Hm...

Kompton Kidd January 16 2010 1:20 PM EST

Want to finish the story now?
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