nok forging (in Services)

NooneKnows January 12 2010 2:02 AM EST

back for a bit, taking a a few jobs. please nothing huge or discouragingly inefficient. 75% or so will do, feel free to make offers

NooneKnows January 14 2010 4:02 PM EST

working on ImmortalAA's AoL (+12) NW:$7,898,754
Rough progress meter: 10.489%
26 days left on rental
80% fee, will be determined after NW for (+13) is obtained

possible job for Areodjarekput once I finish this, which should be several days before the rental is up.

NooneKnows January 20 2010 3:07 PM EST

Rough progress meter: 30.400%

get it get it

Areodjarekput January 20 2010 4:08 PM EST

I had to BS it. And by had to, I mean I got impatient. Sorry!

Miandrital January 20 2010 4:10 PM EST

I have some forging you can do after this job

NooneKnows January 25 2010 3:20 AM EST

Rough progress meter: 51.547%
Rental ends in: 15 days

Mian, you're next in queue

NooneKnows February 1 2010 11:22 PM EST

finally made up for the mishap:
Rough progress meter: 54.056%

7 days left in rental. I'll have it done in not too much longer than that.

I apologize for the inconvenience

NooneKnows February 5 2010 6:23 PM EST

Rough progress meter: 73.343%
4 days left in rental. should be at around 90% at that time

NooneKnows February 9 2010 7:13 PM EST

Rough progress meter: 90.618%

rental ends at 22:35 server time this evening. a 3-day loan is more than enough to finish the job. cm me or post transfer fees and I'll take it off your bill

NooneKnows February 11 2010 12:39 PM EST

finally finished. AoL returned.
80% * ($14,346,792 - $7,898,754) - fudge factor = $5,100,000 owed.
if you'd be so kind as to send $5M to [RX3]Cotillion and the rest to me.

in other news, I'm looking for a job. please, no more amulets, lol

Ancient Anubis February 11 2010 5:36 PM EST

ImmortalAA (The Accountant) nooneknows (Death-Note) $100000 5:35 PM EST
ImmortalAA (The Accountant) [RX3]Cotillion (A Murder of Gods) $5000000 5:34 PM EST

Unappreciated Misnomer February 11 2010 6:04 PM EST

mod of mine you can forge immediately at 75% on the x, lemme know when youre ready

Unappreciated Misnomer February 11 2010 7:41 PM EST

he agrees to forge my MoD for 75% for as long as we wants, i would like to spend 10mil at most on the X

Ultimate Sacrifice (db) nooneknows (Death-Note) A Mace of Disruption ($12564990) -- x forgin 7:35 PM EST
Ultimate Sacrifice (db) nooneknows (Death-Note) $900000 -- x forgin 7:35 PM EST

NooneKnows February 11 2010 9:59 PM EST

as Ultimate Sacrifice indicated.

starting stats: [75x1300](+40)
NW(0) = $12,564,990

currently: [75x1328](+40)
NW = $12,801,875
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