Ba Cap (in General)

Ancient Anubis January 25 2010 7:29 PM EST

wouldn't mind it being lifted to hold 12 hours of ba.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 25 2010 7:31 PM EST

what! So we can actually get a full night of sleep??

I wish.. hehe ;)

noidraug January 25 2010 7:34 PM EST

Then it would be too easy :)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 25 2010 7:35 PM EST

I think it would put allot more pressure on getting a decent challenge bonus.

Ancient Anubis January 25 2010 7:41 PM EST

There's no extra ba in a day but it means people can sleep :), work :) and go to school :P. Or lift the ba cap to 12 hours of ba at the 6/20 rate which is 216

Unappreciated Misnomer January 25 2010 7:44 PM EST

so this would mean putting everyone in the 5/20 ba regen time frame.

Ancient Anubis January 25 2010 7:47 PM EST

u still get your ba at the same rate but it will store up to a limit of 216 which means at the 10/20 rate u can wait an extra hour and 20min before having to spend ba.

BootyGod January 25 2010 8:26 PM EST

Should be a Referral perk, as I've already told NS.

Let giving out referrals and getting people to buy supportership increase your BA cap.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] January 25 2010 8:35 PM EST

I do not agree, I already feel the game is too stagnate in the 6/20 range. I actually wish there would be an inverse of the BA regen rates. So the top people have a 10/20 giving me flexibility to move around. But maybe that is just my competitive nature.

Canibus January 25 2010 8:41 PM EST

The perks of recruiting are pretty decent as they are now, bigger cap would mean that people without as much dedication as the monsters who're dominating this game could have an easier time trailing them.

But if you really want to reward dedication then those who get less BA /20min should have a lower cap, to compensate. Im not for that idea, but if people really want dedication to matter that would be the way to go.

And yes, higher cap would benefit me, no doubt, easy to be against it though.

Joel January 25 2010 9:21 PM EST

I would love to be able to work without worrying about how I'm going to burn all my BA.
Right now, I'm traveling all over my jobsite to find a hotspot, and I'm not allowed to do that -_-;
If I get fired, I'm going to quit CB. I'll probably sell off all my things to pay my debts first, so don't worry ;p
I don't know why this game is made so that you have to juggle your life around it. It just tempts people to choose this game over anything else important.
I'm probably saying too much here, but I have an addictive personality. I often just obsess over one thing or another, and suffer many consequences for it.
Right now CB is one of those obsessions and I just can't seem to get a hold of myself.
I think this game doesn't have as many players as a game like Fallen Sword because you have to play like you're possessed to get anywhere close to the top, besides the lack of extensive advertising.
Not being able to use all of your BA may be the main limiting factor in obtaining MPR, but it is also, probably, why many people don't stay. That, and a lot of people find this kind of thing pretty boring, heheh. I hate people who think text-based games are boring, by the way!
I don't want to have to play this game, when I should be doing something with my family or doing my best at my job. You guys say real life is greater than CB, and would probably press that point to me, but if I were to give in to that, then I would have to quit, because I wouldn't be able to be competitive. If I can't have a place amongst the strongest then I won't play. Tell me: is that not the most popular reason for playing this game? If its not your main reason, then you still enjoy winning, right? If I'm not going to be winning any more, then thats one less thing about this game thats giving me enjoyment. When a game starts giving me an amount of enjoyment that doesn't seem to make up for the amount of time I put into it, then I quit.
Doing well in this game gives me a sense of accomplishment. Even though its not really an accomplishment, its important to me and fills that particular void in my heart, until I become a great scientist. I WILL become a great scientist, but thats beside the point I'm making here.
If the BA regen rate is raised to ~12 hours needed for a full regen, then I'll be able to have a normal life again. Seriously, I don't want to ruin my life and I'm already thinking about quitting.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 25 2010 9:28 PM EST

Sadly any way you go about this it is a lose situation. The way we have it right now is probably the the best mix for both competitive and casual game play. You raise the cap you kill the competition to accommodate a more casual game style. Increase the ba rates and you make it very hard for casual game players to get anywhere.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 25 2010 9:36 PM EST

My suggestion to ba in terms of this has been to have the option to choose your BA rate and maybe your BA cap as well. The harder you make it to burn all of it the larger dedication bonus you get.

For example lets just work with BA regeneration. 6 BA is the min and 10 BA is the maximum regeneration.

At 6 BA you get no bonus.
At 7 BA you get a 2% dedication bonus.
At 8 BA you get 4% and so on.

This is if you fought the same equivalent amount of BA. That is you fought 100% or 80% of your total BA whichever BA rate you were at. Fight rewards are still adjusted so that 6 BA at 6 BA regen and 10 BA at 10 BA regen will give the same rewards not including the dedication bonus.

Those numbers are of course just off the top of my head and can be adjusted to whatever necessary.
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