either you beleive in adam and eve or .... (in Debates)

Shark January 29 2010 7:01 AM EST

...either you believe in adam and eve or you were once black...and it doesn't matter what color you are now bec humans mutated when they left africa millions of years ago as they didnt need the dark skin any longer..and we became then distinctive races of the same people as we are now

how come I lost all my friends when i said this?

doesn't matter what one THINKS is the truth as it doesn't change the facts of science one bit

so you keep thinking Adam and Eve started all this and remember thats just a convenient excuse to relieve all of you from being black

humans physical nature evolved and left the brains in the behind

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 29 2010 7:22 AM EST

How about those that think we're seeded by an alien race?

And, I donno, maybe I'm just guessing, but most people that belive in "Adam and Eve" are probably doing so more for the belief in either an afterlife, or an all power creator.

Rather than using it to escape distant ancestors, alive far beyond current memory, being 'black'.

I wonder what any 'black' Christians would have to say about this...

Areodjarekput January 29 2010 7:23 AM EST

so you keep thinking Adam and Eve started all this and remember thats just a convenient excuse to relieve all of you from being black

It sounds to me like you're saying that NO ONE believes that Adam and Eve were real due to their religious beliefs, and the ONLY reason people believe in their existence is so that they don't have to deal with the fact that their ancestors were from Africa, and dark skinned. This categorizes every person who has faith in that story at the very least as someone who's in denial about their own identity, and at the worst a racist, who believes so strongly that they are superior to Africans, that they created a delusion to seperate themselves from those people.

I don't believe in Adam and Eve, but that statement bothers me, because I know a lot of people who do believe in that story because it is a part of their religious beliefs, and not because of some racially motivated self hatred, which spawned a story about two (presumably) white people from whom mankind was born.

Demigod January 29 2010 7:25 AM EST

they didnt need the dark skin any longer..

How's that an adaptation rather than a non-beneficial change (exaptation, I believe)?
humans physical nature evolved and left the brains in the behind

Whoziwhat? What does pigmentation have to do with leaving brains behind?

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 29 2010 7:32 AM EST

As GL said, what about dark-skinned Christians? Are you implying that they only believe in Adam/Eve because of some strange guilt, or trying to separate themselves from their ethnic identity?

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] January 29 2010 7:50 AM EST

Wrong, good sir, wrong! We're all egyptian and the sixteen thousand from the starter pack were all Jeff Goldblum.
Humans were still pale skinned as the fine hair receded over eons. The black, yellow, olive, and brown tints came much later in evolution.

Sickone January 29 2010 8:46 AM EST

either you believe in adam and eve or you were once black

First off, what exactly is the debate, creationism vs evolution or something ? If that's the case, clearly on the evolution side here.

Second, you probably meant to say "some extremely distant ancestors of yours were black", not "you were once black".
But that would also be quite misleading, since they probably didn't look all that "black" at all, more like grey-bronze-ish. People you'd be likely to call "black" nowadays are almost as far off in all possible ways from those common ancestors as you and I are.
humans physical nature evolved and left the brains in the behind

See, now you're "off" again, and quite damn far off too.
If anything, the human brain is the part of all of us that has evolved the most in the time since hominids started existing, and it is now the most energy-consuming organ of the entire body : the human brain (barely 2% of body weight) consumes on average about 20% of the energy the body produces.

All humans on the planet now have noticeably more "brains" (purely size-wise) than those early hominids. "Ardi", female skeleton, 4.4 mil years old had a brain compartment of barely 300 ml ; "Lucy", 3.2 mil years old, brain compartment of around 400 ml ; Homo erectus, roughly 1.5 mil years ago, brain size of around 800 ml ; Homo sapien, starting barely 100k years ago, brain sizes around 1200 ml ; modern man, brain sizes up to 1500 ml.
Of course, large variations between individuals exist, and there's no direct link between any particular individual's brain size and its intelligence level, but there's a strong statistical correlation.

In 1955, Albert Einstein's brain was preserved for research. Three scientific papers have been published examining the features of Einstein's brain. Albert Einstein's brain differed to normal men's brain in that his brain had more glial cells per neuron that might indicate that neurons in Einstein's brain had an increased "metabolic need"-- they needed and used more energy.
Einstein's brain weighed only 1,230 grams, which is less than the average adult male brain (about 1,400 grams). The thickness of Einstein's cerebral cortex was thinner. However, the density of neurons in Einstein's brain was greater. In other words, Einstein was able to pack more neurons in a given area of cortex.
The most recent study concerning Einstein's brain was published in the British medical journal The Lancet, on June 19, 1999. They found that a portion of the brain that governs mathematical abilities and spatial reasoning -- 2 key ingredients to the sort of thinking Einstein did best -- was 15% wider than average allowing better connection between its cells, which could have allowed them to work together more efficiently.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] January 29 2010 8:58 AM EST

Evolution vs. Creationism, or whatever you would like to term it...not on CB, no thanks.
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