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Newlin [SeeD] January 30 2010 7:21 PM EST

...employees annual salaries posted online? More specifically a Chief of Corrections. If so where would I find the most recent information.

AdminTal Destra January 30 2010 7:25 PM EST

city county state please

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 30 2010 7:25 PM EST

Yes should be online with whatever city or county the organization is connected to. Check the county website for starters.

Demigod January 30 2010 7:27 PM EST

city county state please


Let us know and we can help Google it.

Newlin [SeeD] January 30 2010 7:28 PM EST

I have googled a little, but here is what I am looking for.
This would be the Chief of Corrections in Kitsap County (Washington State)

Newlin [SeeD] January 30 2010 7:30 PM EST

Double post

This guy here

Demigod January 30 2010 7:32 PM EST

newlin, CM me with the last name please

Demigod January 30 2010 7:34 PM EST

Dang it. Nevermind. I thought I was on to something with this:

AdminTal Destra January 30 2010 7:35 PM EST

Newlin [SeeD] January 30 2010 7:38 PM EST

Tal gave me a link to the 2004 salary ( A more recent one would be nice, but I haven't found one yet.
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