Women in the Workroom. (in Debates)

ScY February 21 2010 6:17 AM EST


I feel like this would have been better if I was annoying like the Kutch. But then again, this was pretty good!

Lord Bob February 21 2010 6:30 AM EST

I have no idea what is going on here.

ScY February 21 2010 5:44 PM EST

Well the idea at 6AM was to have a little fun, and to prank some people on CB, who being big feminists would see the 'Women in the workplace' debate and immediately be outraged, click the link to the thread, ready to type furiously, but then they would see that it was just a joke! Hilarious, right?!

Well, maybe not, but the forums being super boring like they are, a few jokes could spice this place up a bit.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 21 2010 5:48 PM EST

Is your pic supposed to change colours and seem like it's moving?

ScY February 21 2010 7:38 PM EST

No its the graphical representation of the function Sinh.

Joel February 21 2010 7:45 PM EST

I didn't know there were any feminists here on CB >.>
If you want to have fun, then start a prank thread about the exbow, ELB, RoBF, PL, or whatever is broken or overpowered ^.- or you could dis republicans or democrats, that always ruffles a few feathers!
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