RoS Question. (in General)

Gandalf March 2 2010 4:07 AM EST

In the wiki it says..

'Grants to its wearer a bonus to its Enchant Defense Spells(ED) of about 1/2 rune level.(e.g. if i have a RoS at a level 300,000 and Ablative Shield of 150,000 it will give me a bonus to my ED spell of about 150,000 so my Ablative Shield would be 300,000/150,000)'

I have a tattoo effective level of 4.65mil and my AS is as follows with a corn equipped - AS: 2,367,500 / 1,039,875

Without a corn - Ablative Shield: 2,201,122 / 1,039,875

The wiki explanation implies that half of the RoS's level you get trained in AS - so in my head this means, i could untrain all my AS and just use base and my AS still be the same level.

But surely this isnt so.

Could someone please explain, thanks.

Miandrital March 2 2010 5:57 AM EST

Are those AS levels or effects?

Pwned March 2 2010 6:00 AM EST

Whats your base AS

Gandalf March 2 2010 6:32 AM EST

Just worked it out, that my AS casts 2mil HP. 3mil including my other AS.

But thats not what im trying to get at.

Could i untrain all my AS xp on my RoS char and train a base AS.

I really doubt you can, its just from what i read in wiki, it feels like this. Is it a bad explanation or am i just a little dim? :)

iBananco [Blue Army] March 2 2010 6:33 AM EST

It works just fine.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] March 2 2010 6:35 AM EST

The RoS gives a set amount of whatever ED is trained on the minion it is equipped to. So yes, you can use it on a base ED and get the full 50% of the tat level in it from the RoS. Because it is not affected by item bonus/penalties it can be combined with a MgS even.

Gandalf March 2 2010 6:38 AM EST

I think i understand now.

But the numbers dont add up im sure...

So my normal AS lvl is 1,039,875.
My tattoo is lvl 4.65 mil
Halfing this is around 2.3mil.

Normal AS + RoS AS = 1mil + 2.3mil = 3.3mil. which is not 2,201,122 / 1,039,875 like shown on my equip page.

I'm doing something wrong. What? :)

Gandalf March 2 2010 6:39 AM EST

Didnt see your posts before i sent my next comment, thanks :)

AdminNightStrike March 2 2010 8:43 AM EST

Have you tried this and seen it not work?

Gandalf March 2 2010 8:47 AM EST

I have actually NS, ahh well. :) Live and learn.

AdminNightStrike March 2 2010 8:55 AM EST

I just checked, and having an ROS equipped will add ROS level / 2 directly to the ED level, with no upper bounds. There's nothing else at play.

What are you seeing?

Pwned March 2 2010 10:40 AM EST

Simply put, items only add % by your trained levels and they don't stack.

E.g. 100 Dex with ElvenBoots +10 = 110 dex and with ElvenCloak +10 = 120 dex not 121 dex. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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