CB Math Experts... help out! (in Off-topic)

AdminNightStrike March 12 2010 8:48 AM EST


Demigod March 12 2010 9:06 AM EST

You lost me at inverse hyperbolic cosine.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 12 2010 9:59 AM EST

OK, I remember Complex Numbers from my Degree 12 years ago. But not much more...

Is this a maths, or a programming problem?

Pwned March 12 2010 12:16 PM EST

Take the math out of the code. I would but I'm on my bb and I'm to lazy to not copy n paste.

Complex numbers is not a coding reference just numbers with decimals and exponents imo

Cube March 12 2010 1:09 PM EST

From what I gather..
Your formula is
Later on that page says it's equal to

Graphing that

You can see the real is just flipped above one.

They clearly aren't equal.

So I can't put any reasoning behind it, but I guess your formula's just wrong; I figured I'd post what I entered anyway.
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