public service announcement (in General)

AdminQBVerifex March 20 2010 8:49 PM EDT

Did you know that there are Debates and Links forums? Not everyone has them checked, so I thought I would point this out to people who haven't been here for very long, or people who just forgot that they exist!

Debates forum is usually for discussion of contentious issues, both CB and Non-CB related.

Links forum is for posting interesting links to, and so that people can comment on the links.

Demigod March 20 2010 9:11 PM EDT

FYI: Links really isn't spam or bickering. If you've left it unchecked on purpose, it's safe to turn it on.

AdminQBVerifex March 20 2010 11:48 PM EDT

Not only that, both debates and links are pretty low traffic, so you can leave them on and still get all the other great stuff.

Sickone March 21 2010 2:23 AM EDT

Ok, I had no idea "Links" even existed.
I am 100% sure I did NOT manually disable it, yet it was the only one disabled in my settings.
I don't recall if I had to manually enable "Debates" when it was first introduced, but it might be possible that I had to.

So my question is... why didn't they come with an automatic enabling when they got introduced, and let users "opt-out" if they want to ?
Heck, better reset all forums to enabled for everybody (or, at least do it for Debates and Links), and make an announcement that you can turn some of them off (again) if you want to.

Salketer [big bucks] March 21 2010 2:41 AM EDT

As soon as we can choose how many threads are shown on the homepage I'll put it at 15 or 20 and add those forums... until then, I guess I'll tend to forget about them =/

Salketer [big bucks] March 21 2010 2:43 AM EDT

sickone, I think that when registering they are all enabled, but if the forums get created after you registered, they are not enabled automatically...

At least I think that's why.
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