Possible Bug. (in General)

Gandalf March 27 2010 9:23 AM EDT

I've suddenly this moment just realized i am not receiving challenge bonus from the chars i am beating, or its not displaying so..

I should be getting at least some like 60-70% from some of the guys, so whats up?

Thanks. :)

Gandalf March 27 2010 9:24 AM EDT

'I should be getting at least 60-70% from some of the guys, so whats up'

It meant to say.

Gandalf March 27 2010 9:33 AM EDT

It's now back, dont know what happened :)

Demigod March 27 2010 10:24 AM EDT

I've seen a glitch where the clan rank plummets through the floor, independent of clan points. You could have the proper points for 4th place and show up as 237th. I've noticed it at least three times over the past eight-or-so months. But since it's rare, and since it it only lasts for a few minutes, it isn't exactly worth a bug hunt.
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