Questions about tournament rules - transfers, BA (in General)

JSCarnage April 1 2010 6:47 PM EDT


After a little forum research, wiki reading and the T51 statement, I'm still a bit confused:
I was wondering what is allowed in terms of transfers from your regular characters to your tournament character and vice-versa. Would someone please explain to me? I am especially wondering about the money (Ain't it always about the doe? :-)
And I also do not really understand how does participating in the tournament affect my BA; it seems to be different from a tournament to another...
Plus, while you're at it, I sure wouldn't say no to a veteran's opinion on if it's a good idea for a NUB, like me, to participate in the said tournament; for, against, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

Thanks in advance

Sickone April 1 2010 6:49 PM EDT

Nothing can be transfered to and from tournament characters directly, if you try to bypass this in some way, you will be punished.
The BA regenerate and are used separately (completely different sets).

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 1 2010 6:50 PM EDT

BA: You get a separate pool of BA for your tournament character.

Transfers: No transfers are allowed, or even possible between T and non T characters.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] April 1 2010 7:06 PM EDT

If you have the time it is always a good idea to play in the tourney. Even if you don't do that well it is a good experience and will help you learn more about strategies. Plus there is almost always a participation prize.

JSCarnage April 1 2010 7:49 PM EDT

Thanks again for the info and the opinion, guys.
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