Help me find this ring! (in Contests)

Pwned April 6 2010 8:03 PM EDT

Help me find who sells this ring and you'll get 1 mil cbd

pretty simple just post or message me a link to the site where I can buy this exact ring.
if you find something very similar to it I might consider it as well.

Pwned April 6 2010 8:12 PM EDT

nvm i found it

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 7 2010 12:34 AM EDT

Just be sure not to let it near any Hobbits!

Interesting ring btw, is that a pearl?

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] April 7 2010 12:37 AM EDT

looks like opal to me

Pwned April 7 2010 9:29 PM EDT

is $750 to much for this?

Kokokitty April 7 2010 9:43 PM EDT

i think so...look on ebay lol

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 7 2010 9:44 PM EDT

what is the metal?

JSCarnage April 7 2010 9:49 PM EDT

Depends on many things:
-What you're willing to pay
-If there are any other rings around that would feel as good to you (before you told us you had found it, I got a glance at two or three similar rings with prices ranging from $100 to $400 (USD))
-How many karats of gold we are talking about (the value of the opal mainly comes from its cutting from what I've heard)

If you live in the states (or don't mind paying too much with FedEx), I'd strongly suggest to take a look at for something similar. And, if you do, never buy something there without at least a 80% reduction, because "normal" prices are highly maxed.

Pwned April 8 2010 2:42 AM EDT

4.10 grams of 14k white gold with 14 small diamonds .132cts, 2 Tourmalines .06 cts and the opal is 2.63 cts.

Pwned April 8 2010 2:42 AM EDT

Yea I think I bid to high :(
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