Dont you just hate cheap shots. (in Off-topic)

Gandalf April 17 2010 9:34 AM EDT

So i went out last night to a party and this is how it went..

I was trying to get to sleep in a tent and this guy thought it would be good to through burning coal into the tent, it hit my head and burnt all of my hoodie.

So i went out and said what are you doing? etc etc.

Then random lad comes in from nowhere and headbutts me.

What grates on me is the fact firstly it had nothing to do with him and secondly the cowardliness of how he did his damage. From the side were i couldn't even see him.

He then said, you was lucky i have a knuckle duster in my pocket. Just blew my mind how people on this planet are so well what is the word lol.

Kompton Kidd April 17 2010 9:39 AM EDT

Dude you were at a party.. It's not like you were shopping at Walmart and some random guy headbutted you.

Soxjr April 17 2010 9:48 AM EDT

Being at a party shouldn't change how someone acts. So it is the same. If he wasn't instigating anything, then he should expect to be treated the same as if he was at Wal-Mart. Or at least us civil minded people would think so. The OP is correct though, what people are sometimes thinking is just insane, and trying to figure it out is impossible.

ScY April 17 2010 10:01 AM EDT

Dunno some of the people of walmart scare me.

BadFish April 17 2010 9:39 PM EDT

I gravitated away from those kinds of parties real quick. never liked the whole "let's get super-hammered and try to act tough" scene. Basically those lame college parties where everyone hears about it through some random source, so noone knows each other, and everyone's competing like crazy over the 15% of the party population that is female...

Just not cool. I hang out with good friends or noone now.

Gandalf April 18 2010 7:53 AM EDT

Yeah Badfish, im not one of these huge party goers anyway.

But i thought i'd got after not going out for 4 months and it was a close friend whos party it was.

Just alot of idiots come and i guess i got the luck of getting some anger took out on me, ahh well stuff happens :)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- April 18 2010 2:52 PM EDT

Yeah people are stupid.

I didn't know people still shopped at Walmart... O.o?

Shame on any of you who go into Walmart more than once a year >(
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