2 Minion UC NCB (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 22 2010 6:50 AM EDT

It's almost time, I've almost got my BA saved up and XP time is fast approaching. ;)

So, I thought I'd offer up my latest NCB for critique (and it's surprisingly close to Syes!)

I've finally let go of the single minion fetish I've had (I think!) and will be running a 'proper' set up this time, with 2 Minions. UC of course. ;)

Minion 1
Amulet: AoI
Body: TSA
Cloak: SC (?)
Feet: BoF
Hands: TG (?)
Head: HoD (?)
Shield: MGS

Training HP and PL (with a base EC and maybe AS for kicks)

Minion 2
Amulet: AoF
Body: ToE
Cloak: /
Feet: EB
Hands: HG
Head: HoE
Shield: SoC

Traning: HP (up to 1/10th of my ToE), STR, DEX, UC (remain Base for a while), AMF and VA (when larger).

The idea is to stack as much layered damage reductions as possible. AMF + MGS for DD, ToE + SoC (and Inherant DEX/Evasion) for Physical. And of course, PL on top.

I was torn between which minion should wear the Tattoo, but went this way so I could couple the TSA revive with PL. And the PL minion is in front to make as much use of 'Leadership' as possible, and let me have the MGS up front to reduce SG. Plus I'll at least get a little more damage reduction from having SS on the UC Minion, and VA won't make the TSA go to waste at all.

The SoC was always going to be used on the UC minion, which left me with little else to train on the second, MGS wearing minion. So HP/PL sink it was.

I'm still unsure about the SC, TG and HoD on that minion, but the wall-ish AC should be better than Skill Boosting Elven gear (which will only let me get a little more efficiency out of PL).

If I really need a Ranged attack, I'll stick an EXBow on the UC minion and be done with it.

So that seems to be all bases covered. AMF for Decay, AMF + MGS (and PL) for FB/MM/CoC/SG. DEX + Evasion + ToE for Physical. And a little AC for the RoBF. VA is there (with a little natural HP) for GA.

I'll have to watch out for dedicated EC and EXbows, but what Physical Team doesn't? Plus I'll at least have SoC generated damage if I fall to negative Strength.

Thoughts and opinions welcome! :D

QBJohnnywas April 22 2010 10:37 AM EDT

I ran for a while a decent anti archer set up alongside my existing, by chucking dbs and an axbow onto my tank. It actually worked better than putting an exbow on against some people, because the big archers up top have a lot of PTH and before I could drop their strength down would get in a lot of big hits. Whereas the axbow/dbs stopped them hitting me full stop by upping the dex/evasion.

I wouldn't write off the axbow on this one - it kind of gives you the old defensive dex that made UC so scrumptious.
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