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{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 28 2010 12:13 PM EDT

Ive noticed an option in most of the games I play that seems to be curiously lacking here.

It there any reason that we shouldn't be able to delete our own posts/replies in forum?

I just made 3 successive posts to the NCB issue and it would be nice if i could copy those, then delete em, and post em all in 1. or remove em all together. They are my posts. so why not give individuals the choice to edit their own posts.

Just a question from a concerned CB vet. :P

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] April 28 2010 12:16 PM EDT

example: "It there any reason" should be "Is there". Now, at this point I could change/edit it before some wanna be English teacher starts posting how my grammar sucks, etc......

AdminNightStrike April 28 2010 12:36 PM EDT

Post editing has been requested and denied for a long time. It's mostly due to I guess opening things up for abuse. I suppose that it might be workable to allow editing as long as it's under 5 minutes since you posted, and there is no followup post.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 28 2010 12:49 PM EDT

and it isn't in the public record forum! ; )

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] April 28 2010 12:59 PM EDT

nor in services

AdminNightStrike April 28 2010 2:42 PM EDT

Just to note, CB is not a place where you'll get in trouble for posting multiple times in succession, so don't worry about that.
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