Small (hopefully simple) addition : char/clan BIO (in General)

Sickone April 28 2010 5:25 PM EDT

Since, you know, we already have images, and those are rather large.
Just a big memo field where you can enter some self-descriptive text.

For characters (and/or users), it probably would be the best idea to have it just below the character inspect minion list (if it's an user-based memo, just display it on all characters identically).
They could list things like where you're from, what you like, that you're looking for a clan or went idle, that you want to buy/sell something, or whatever links to whatever forum posts you want, even advice to random newbies... or stuff like that.

For clans, it could list a few simple clan rules, that you're looking for members (and what do you expect of members) or any other clan-related stuff or links and whatnot. Only clan owners could edit this.

Should be nice to have and not THAT difficult to implement (I hope).

AdminNightStrike April 28 2010 8:27 PM EDT

That big "Notes" memo field on your home page is actually stored in a variable called "bio". I'm guessing that was the intention from the original OpenACS code. At some point (possibly even back in CB1) Jon removed the display of this, and then ultimately the creation/editing of it. I put it back in just as a personal note pad type thing.

What'd be really cool would be a slick JS AJAX thing that lets you access/edit it from the side bar with maybe a cool sliding interface or something that slides out and shows you your notes..... That's all Fex's territory, though.

And of course, this is all outside of your actual request, which is a bio for parties and clans. It's definitely doable. The clan page is getting pretty full right now, though.
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