BP Alittle bit fuzzy in there math? (in Off-topic)

Kefeck [FARM ME] June 1 2010 2:10 PM EDT


Why isn't there just a turn off button?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 1 2010 2:30 PM EDT

Why isn't there just a turn off button?

I assume, it, and it's failsafe, also blew up. ;)

Lochnivar June 1 2010 2:45 PM EDT

It's kind of sad/funny that since the oil rig blew in the Gulf that BP is one of the several oil companies lobbying the Canadian Gov't to change off-shore drilling policies.

The thing they want changed?

In Canada they are required to have a relief well pre-drilled before they start to extract oil. They claim that where they want to drill in the arctic the work season is short and this will prove costly...

Considering the relief well in the Gulf is going to take 3 months to drill while oil billowing out (unless one of the other schemes actually works in the meantime) this seems like a ludicrous request.

But hey, big business ALWAYS has the best intentions right?

/face /palm

Cube June 3 2010 8:29 AM EDT


Just like when the underestimated the size of the spill originally by a factor of 10.
I'm sure it's just those pesky careless math errors. /s
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