Random Change Ideas I would Like (in General)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] June 16 2010 9:01 PM EDT

Please feel free to ignore these random tidbits. They are just changes I think that would help CB become a better place. Consider it Vaynard's wishlist for CB:

1) Remove the NW-PR link. A good theory, poor execution. A character's items are what set them apart, and focusing your NW on certain items can give you an edge. However, the link does prevent abuse, bringing me to point #2:

2) Make encumbrance relevant. Instead of having a limit that no players can reach without USD injections, bring down the encumbrance curve massively. The low end should be kept where it is, if not higher, to make using items viable for new players. However, having encumbrance in the hundreds of millions for every minion serves no purpose as is.

3) Remove regular item penalties. I would like CB made easier for new players to pick up. Let's simplify. How about putting penalties/bonuses in a pop-up over the store/auctions? Would that be workable?

4) Rework tutorial. If a new player has even the slightest difficulty, we have to assume they'll leave.

5) Remove not-so-rares from random drops. Not sure if this has been done, but receiving a stiletto would be maddening after a drought.

6) Change fighting clans to be like forging clans- you only gain points, never lose them. No more people angry from being farmed. You still need to do your best to compete, but it's in a much more pure form.

7) More contests. This one is for the community rather than the devs. We need more ways to get people involved! Let's do it people!

8) Pre-scheduled supporter items: we need new ones! Promise to introduce a new one every 4 months! Even if half are duds we'll all be so excited we won't care!

9) How about a NCB with regular priced BA that can't have item transfers to/from? That way vets can run a NCB, people won't abuse NW, and we'll all be happy!

10) New option when creating an auction: if central bank bids on an item it extends it 12 more hours. No more complaints of sniping.

11) NUB gets no extra cash, only credits that can be using in the blacksmith. They get NW, we get less sellouts. Another win-win!

12) Blackmarket votes are rebalanced to reflect a lowered player base.

13) Put in at least one country to RoBF. Something, anything. Add a crossbow that targets a RoBF wearer and can't be stopped by PL. Or a DD spell that deals 0 damage but reflects up to the trained amount dealt to the training minion. Or a shield. Something, please? Just one counter?

14) Rework exbow. Please? Max the drain each shot can do at 25% of ST or something? Or have ST naturally regen at 5% a turn? Or add a skill to allow ST to regen? Seems like all ST being sapped in one or two hits is kind of unfair.

15) Slightly lower GA. Didn't a while back all the damage types get lowered? I think it was about everything except GA. Why not add that in too? Doesn't even have to be severe, just a couple percentage points would make me happy.

That is all for now. Thoughts? Anything you would add? Debate!

Womp June 16 2010 10:03 PM EDT

Your NUB-credits idea looks good if the credit can also be used for hiring minions and bidding in auctions.

Newlin [SeeD] June 16 2010 10:12 PM EDT

The only problem I see with NUBs having credit to use in the Blacksmith is disenchanting. They can just use credits to pump an item and then disenchant for some cash.

Zippy June 16 2010 10:14 PM EDT

I like the clan idea. Base fighting on ba use only. Every target is worth 1 point including clan members. No points are taken away from clans from other clans.

So basically the clan with the most money is the 15% bonus for that day.

Also the clan with the most 6/20 and lower buyable ba would not be able to stay on top.

Might work.

Tear it a new one everyone.

AdminNightStrike June 24 2010 9:03 AM EDT

1) No
2) Enc could use adjustment, I suppose
3) Ask Fex to do some JS stuff.
4) Ugh.
5) I removed lesser tattoos
6) No
7) Yup
8) It's hard to keep making new items, and B will *SURELY* care if they aren't uber
9) Too easy to abuse
10) possibly
11) I considered this many times. It's a big effort that's easily worked around for the NUB sellout.
12) possibly
13) Search the forum
14) Ditto
15) possibly

winner winner June 24 2010 9:18 AM EDT

1. Great idea! I don't see the point of encumbrance or the NW-PR link. If people worked for their items, why shouldn't they be allowed the wear them?

8. I would like to see some new items once in awhile.

10. You get 15 minutes to bid on an item after CB bids on it. If you really want it that badly then get on then or just bid a little bit more.

13. Wall gear

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 24 2010 10:12 AM EDT

Lowering enc won't just hurt the USD users... that's a myth.

miteke [Superheros] June 24 2010 11:35 AM EDT

I've always felt that the armor/weapon bonuses should be something of a diminishing return thing that is not MPR dependent.

for example, for every X points of armor reduce damage by y%, but do this on a repeating multiplier basis. For example if you have 2X armor, reduce damage by y twice instead of 2*y. so say y is 10% you would have damage*90%*90%. Each additional block of X armor gives diminishing returns. It's always better to have more armor, but after a while it's not buying you much.

Do something similar with weapon damage bonuses that tops out somewhere around 2X damage and weapon + that tops out somewhere around a +100% change to hit (and modify damage to work at that level). Thus your items can be used by characters of ANY level, but give you a significant advantage over characters with no equipment. Why the heck should you need a 200M NW bow to be competitive at high levels which is impossible without USD injection. You just CAN'T make enough money to keep up with the curve. pth works fine, but not damage where the X is MPR dependent. A 2M MPR character pretty much REQUIRES a certain X on the weapon or the damage severely sucks.

I always thought encumbrance killed the game. Currently each item basically 'fits' into a MPR range and can't be used outside that range. A 50M ELB HAS to be used somewhere around 1M MPR. Much higher than that and the bow is too weak, any lower than that and ENC kills its effectiveness. A profoundly game killing mechanism and the main reason the game has lost following in my opinion. I know many may disagree, but it seems so blatantly obvious to me that this feature ruined much of the fun of the game and any chance of swapping strats to melee unless you have an 'up-to-MPR' arsenal stashed somewhere.

Demigod June 24 2010 12:14 PM EDT

Do something similar with weapon damage

In a large way, it's already in place. The weapon X grows with diminishing returns since it's percentage based. That means that the percentage increase from x500 to x1000 is the same as the percentage increase from x5000 to x10,000. And there aren't many players willing to front enough USD to reach x20,000 thanks to that very reason.

miteke [Superheros] June 24 2010 9:47 PM EDT

Except that a X2000 weapon works very differently for a 10MPR vs a 2M MPR character, and that is counter-productive since it is only useful for characters in a narrow MPR range.
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