What minions do I have & how do I delete them? (in New players)

Rhombomere June 20 2010 4:39 PM EDT

I went through the tutorial and have two minions, a melee type and a spell caster. But now I'm trying to focus on a strategy and I like the look of Enchanter and Mage. However, I can't seem to find out what types I already have, nor (as I read the Minion help page), how to add new minions (it was in the tutorial, but that's been misplaced as well) and dismiss them. A little help anyone?

Sickone June 20 2010 4:44 PM EDT

There is no fixed minion type, every minion can be anything you want it to be.
You can train anything you want on them as long as you have XP and "free slots" to learn stuff in, and you can unlearn everything you trained in a single slot at a small XP destroyed penalty (-2% for most, -5% for some).
You can only hire new minions (XP you get on them based on how much you pay, which is also based on top minion XP) or dismiss existing minions (all XP on them is LOST forever).

Everything described above you do from the "Train" page (between equip and manage just below the active character selection).

Rhombomere June 20 2010 5:15 PM EDT

Thank you for the clear answer.
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