Purchasing BA (in General)

zev June 25 2010 12:44 PM EDT

Hi all, since i've not tried it and don't really want to take the risk before creating a new character I was wondering if someone could clear up a question I had.

You are supposedly allowed to stockpile a total of 1600BA from purchasing. However, you can only buy a certain amount every 8 hours. My question is, if you purchase BA over the cap of 160 for regenerating do you essentially stop regenerating BA until you go back under 160? I ask because if I wanted to stock pile 1600 BA and use it when creating a new character I would essentially have to wait many days to purchase all 1600 and therefore stop regenerating BA for that time period. Am I correct in this assumption?

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] June 25 2010 12:48 PM EDT

If you stockpile ba, you want to retire everyone except for the necessary 1 mpr characters to hold all your equipment. Then, yes, you stop regenerating ba and can buy 240 each day. It will take 6 days to get to 1600 at that rate.

zev June 25 2010 1:07 PM EDT

I see, that is what I thought. Thank you for the reply. :)

AdminNightStrike June 25 2010 6:38 PM EDT

Zev, you're a Jan 1 2005 player. Welcome back! If you're starting over, and there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask.

zev June 25 2010 7:21 PM EDT

Thanks NightStrike. Well i'm technically not starting over but I will be trying a new strategy on a new character once i've banked the max BA and hit the XP bonus time slot. But you are right that its been awhile since i've played. Thanks for your warm welcome. :)
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