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--JDM-- July 4 2010 7:37 PM EDT

I have an idea that i want to try for a RoBF team but not sure how i should go about it.

So here's my setup idea right now, I was thinking of focusing on an archer with a MSK and training high hp and str and keeping dex at about a 1/4 of my str with a RoBF equipped. My idea was to have a huge MSK to target 2 or 3 minion mage teams and take out the damage sources early in ranged combat so that i could get to melee and let the RoBF do the work. I already know this setup would get trashed by TOA teams. Would adding another minion with med HP and training some antimagic field be a better idea? I would use an AoI and put the Rune on the enchanter instead to free up some armor slots for the archer.
And last thing i though about was the same 2 minion setup but instead i would train some AMF on the archer and train a large ethereal chains on the enchanter to help with double or triple strikes and to combat the TOA teams as well, Any tips or ideas to improve this strategy?

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] July 4 2010 9:50 PM EDT

Seems like a similar strategy to this guy..

Which seems to be working for him ;)..

--JDM-- July 5 2010 12:00 AM EDT

Yes very similar to that lol, just without the CoC. But VA is actually something i didnt think about.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 5 2010 10:39 AM EDT

Does VA work with Ranged Weapons in Melee? :/

winner winner July 5 2010 11:09 AM EDT

VA doesn't work with ranged weapons.

You'll want some sort of base DD on your minion to stop the MSK from firing in melee so you can clean up with your RoBF.
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