Help The Developmently Disabled! (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer July 12 2010 5:25 PM EDT

Since the ncb ended on that character she has been left to her own to fend for a score, for a time all was good with 2.6mil score. With the coming of the times and the young beat down with striking blow after blow DD's score has dropped below her PR. I invite you all to this work shop to turn this beater into a pimp your ride episode where we tint and tune this baby into a better farm, not for profit just to be a prick to someone trying to get a better score :P

So follow me and Ill give you some detail...


Armor Proficiency: 1
Dispel Magic: 230,523 lvls
Net Worth: $58,954
Encumbered at: 1,845,331

Bumble Bee Tuna

Dispel Magic: 216,828 lvls
Net Worth: $93,020
Encumbered at: 1,749,576

Deliberatly Obscuring

Armor Proficiency: 1
Ablative Shield: 2,955,905 /2,505,005 lvls
Net Worth: $3,544,285
Encumbered at: 22,485,362


Armor Proficiency: 1
Shocking Grasp: 4,690,440 /4,553,826 lvls
Guardian Angel: 1,470,784 /1,442,228 lvls
Net Worth: $104,936
Encumbered at: 46,759,463
300k lvl tattoo on this minion

what do you think? Legendary worthy with a better strategy?

Womp July 12 2010 5:47 PM EDT

You should do this in a week, not now :P

Unappreciated Misnomer July 12 2010 10:35 PM EDT

So it is you who attacks the disabled, you sir should be ashamed! Look everyone upon the blashphemer(?) who preys on the lesser fortunate! And forsake them and their 'Science'
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