Spicing up clans v2.0 (in General)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] July 15 2010 11:18 PM EDT

Clans just recently got a big change, which I love, but I feel like a lot more could be at least looked at in terms of making clans more competitive and a lot more fun!

Clan wars is something I always wanted to see in CB, because I think it would make clans more tight nit, and promote a much more active involvement in the clan game beyond burning all of your BA on 6 point clan characters.

The goal of Clan Wars is ultimately what decides if people participate in them, this is pretty obvious. The most suitable goal in a clan war for CB, I think, is cold hard cash. You can't have the cash poof out of nowhere, so I'll run down a system that could potentially work as far as encouraging participation in a warring feature as well as adding depth to clans in general.

The Clan Tax:

The clan leader (or officers!) gets a fancy new button that allows a clan tax to be set individually for each member between 0% and 99%. This clan tax applies to cash rewards only, and essentially what happens is instead of you getting your cash, it goes to a clan vault. The clan vault is accessible by the clan leader and officers, with distribution options and whatnot. Potentially, this can be integrated with the newest changes by allowing a clan to purchase the benefits with cash.

The War Process:

We now have a source of cash for the wars to be used as spoils to the victor. Clans that are uninterested in warring can keep their clan bank at a minimum and either distribute quickly or set taxes low to avoid becoming targets. Clans who are interested in warring can build up their bank and wager cash against other clans in a war. The attacking clan in a war initiates with a wager, up to say 80% of the clan vault can be wagered. In turn, if the defending clan accepts, an equal percentage of their vault becomes the wager. This would obviously need some limitations on minimum wager. The war itself essentially uses CB's current CP system, with added penalties such as having a player join or leave the clan negatively affecting War Points.

This is just a rough off the top of my head kind of idea, but I like it, and maybe it'll get some of you smarter folks thinking of something cool for clans ;)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] July 16 2010 8:23 AM EDT

Nothing? :o

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 16 2010 10:35 AM EDT

So a time frame would be set, along with a matched percentage (I think amount would be better, considering challenging a clan with a much smaller bank would suck) of the vault. Then the clan who earned the most CP in that time frame would win?

Demigod July 16 2010 11:06 AM EDT

I just can't get into the idea of limiting more money from archer teams. Obviously there's a chance to profit, but it still feels like it benefits enchanter teams and low NW setups.

chuck1234 July 16 2010 12:40 PM EDT

This idea of Clan Wars is somewhat like the Gang-Wars I used to play in Vile City another BB-MMORPG. Over there a proportion of the fight rewards are automatically deducted and deposited in the Gang Vault. The system automatically sets gang-wars between gangs, but any gang has the chance to challenge another gang to a fight.

Over here at CB, the clan bonus can become the basis for the automatic deduction to the clan vault. The gang-leader, oops, clan chief, can distribute the vault cash and stuff among the members.

However, Vile City has several items that provide temporary magnification of strength/ defence/ speed up to 200, 300 percent. Such a system might torpedo the scores of the top players. I remember the ruckus back several years ago when you could upgrade arrows and explosive shot, and I had some massively upgraded shot that could take out or stalemate the top 5 characters, [when my char was not even 1 mil mpr] ;)

If you do not have such temp magnifiers then clan wars will always be walk-overs for the clans with high-score players.

So, there's lot of stuff that needs serious beta-testing.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] July 16 2010 2:31 PM EDT

To answer novice: it would be more like the clan rivalry stats, only fights against your war opponent would count towards your war points. As far as balancing this for clans stacked with top characters, here is what I am thinking:

The current system penalizes these clans in three ways; less BA, fewer characters in the clan, or a penalty to clan score if the clan is over the PR limit.

A war system already uses the first two since they are inherent to CB, bit the third can be adapted so that any clan over the PR limit earns half the normal war points from a win. This, coupled with earning WP from a loss or draw, would put smaller clans back in the fight, although winning would still require such a clan to intentionally lose a lot of battles.

winner winner July 16 2010 7:52 PM EDT

This idea sounds great, this is what I actually thought the clan change would be like.

AdminNightStrike July 20 2010 11:45 PM EDT

Some of this is workable

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 21 2010 3:19 AM EDT

Instead of reinforcing the ideas for clan wars, best of which were said in chat, suggesting there should be rituals giving bonus CP/HP/cash for attacking clans that worship rival gods. Sickly as that is IRL is perfecting fine here.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] July 21 2010 4:59 AM EDT

Had things in the plans for that for a long time. ^_^

Phoenix [The Forgehood] July 21 2010 5:28 PM EDT

I agree with gun's idea.
On another note, why do economic clans get rituals? It seems almost useless given that most of us are only forging.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 21 2010 5:51 PM EDT

why do economic clans get rituals?

What do they have to trade?

For normal Clans, it's a choice of lowering growth (from potentially lowering your Clan Bonus) to gain a temporary buff.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 21 2010 6:54 PM EDT

Thinking back, that idea was the original idea for clan gods. -.-
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