Another 2-minion strategy up for review/feedback (in General)

Womp August 13 2010 11:12 PM EDT

2 minion.
First minion: 66% HP, AMF to base decay counter level, VA as needed, SG all remaining. AoI BoF, TSA NSCs CoI.
Second minion: Mostly HP, with the exception being BL to 1/4 ST. ToA Exbow MH, TGs EBs AoM MgS.

Offers two damage types, 60% (assuming no DM) lifeleech to break GA easily even without all the HP, plenty of HP for raw survivability, allows the use of MgS on a high HP minion and an exbow to compete with big tanks. Minimal DM vulnerability.
Seems good to me assuming a fairly level MPR playing field.

Most of the credit for this goes to Nat.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 14 2010 5:07 AM EDT

SoC instead of the MGS? ;)

Wraithlin August 14 2010 9:00 AM EDT

I'd get rid of all weapons and just give each minion 2x SoC, one for each hand.
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