To boost or to block? (in General)

Ankou September 2 2010 1:56 AM EDT

I Hate asking for help, but please bear with me, this is my first even decent char and I would like to make the best of it while my NUB lasts. I have hit a relative point in my characters development where I have to fill out my items and start investing into NW. I cant decide which of two possible ways to gear up, so I ask for help.

My char, Iron Fist, is essentially a RoBF and 4 enchanters. The Idea behind it is to have a RoBF supported by 4 enchanting meat-walls. Two of them train AS while the others train EC and AMF.

So this is where I ask for help. My setup leaves me with 4 enchanters to play with items on. Would it be more beneficial to the overall strength to gear my enchanters towards +EO/ED or armor? A Mix'n'match?
With penalties being a big part of deciding items, would DB's be better than CML?
Because the only source of life on these characters is AS, would an AoF be better than an AoI or an AoAC?

Wraithlin September 2 2010 2:38 AM EDT

I ran a RoBF for my NUB and what I ended up with toward the end worked very well if you want to give it a try.

Minion 1:

Full AMF, AoI

Minion 2:

Full HP/PL with MM to be higher XP than base decay, High AC wall gear with TSA.

Minion 3:

Full EC, base decay

Minion 4:

RoBF, DBs, AoI, MgS
About 1/4 HP, 3/8 evasion and 3/8 dex.

This team ignores both AMF and DM that the opponent has so those are both just wasted XP. And if they don't have AMF trained then you have 1x base decay for extra dps.

The high HP/AC wall with the low MM trained is the first targetted by all ranged weapons except ExBows/AxBows which just hit all minions once then go back to him.

You have a SG/Decay tank out front which is nice to have, and the RoBF minion is a great MM tank with his AMF/RoBF/MgS and having the HP/PL, you can basically ignore MM damage.

The EC combined with the DBs, AoI, Dex, Evasion and RoBF make the RoBF minion very hard to hit, especially since the tank usually lasts at least through ranged rounds where the very high +hit ELB shines, by the time everyone gets to melee the +hit are usually alot lower and they all miss him quite alot.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 2 2010 9:21 AM EDT

Ankou, it depends on what role you want the minions to perform.

If you're planning on high AC, then use an AoAC/CML and accept the penalties to the EO/EDs you'll have on that minion. Is the high AC only for MM? As being the rear minion you'd need AoI on your front 3 for the AC to be of use versus anything else.

DBs won't be worth it, unless you're designing a minion to be an anti physical dodger (in which case an AoI would help, but only if everyone is wearing them! :P), but you'll need DEX for that as well, as DBs only reduce + based PTH, and not base CTH.

For you setup, a pair of SB would always be better than DBs, for the increase to EO/ED.
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