Strategy Changes (in General)

Guardian September 22 2010 8:57 AM EDT

I am tired of Enchanter teams...

i am thinking in change my MM guy into DM or other enchantment
( changing i would have 21M exp trained on DM)

it could be AS or GA too...

please comment and gimme ideas

Guardian September 22 2010 11:58 AM EDT

i mean, does this 30M dispel would compensate nulifying spells, while i would loose the MM damage?

QBOddBird September 22 2010 12:03 PM EDT

Are you talking about beating teams like the 4E + familiar deal? It would certainly kill those teams dead, yes.

You should decide based on what targets are around. If there are a lot of teams that are ED-reliant around, then it would be worthwhile; a dispelled AS is a lot of HP that you've automatically removed, so that could potentially be worth the damage loss. If you're suffering from GA, it'll help with that too.

IDK what to tell you except: you know what changing to DM will do. You'll be less effective against non-ED teams, and more effective against ED reliant teams. What you ought to do to make this decision is check the teams around you and see if it is worth your while to make the move. You don't want to retrain and lose the MPR if you're going to lose your fightlist along with it.

I'm not sure what ideas to offer, since it's a pretty straightforward change.

Guardian September 22 2010 12:25 PM EDT

changed to DM.

its way lot easier to fight killing others spells, while building MM again protecting me from EC and AMF and killing AS

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] September 22 2010 1:44 PM EDT

In my opinion your tank right now is much to small, and halidon damage is so mediocre. Why not switch to a ToA at least then you'd have a decent sized tank.
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