Assassins Rule Change (in Contests)

Wraithlin October 1 2010 10:44 PM EDT

Meteor brought up a good question that has turned into a rule change for this tournament.

Previously if you had an assassination attempt that failed, that failed attempt was immune to assassination.

However I think it would be more interesting if it was the other way around. So for the rest of this tournament, if someone is immune to assassination at any time and you accidentally try to assassinate them, then that post IS NOT immune to assassination, so you can be hit for failing to pay attention to when someone is immune.

Also, there is a different between immune and extra lives. If you take out an extra life someone may have (like the thread with the hidden bunker) then it doesn't count as a failed attempt. But say you try to assassinate an assassination post for whatever reason, or some other post that is immune, then you can be killed on that failed attempt.

QBOddBird October 1 2010 10:46 PM EDT

Do FS/WTB posts count for participants, given that you cannot reply to someone else's FS/WTB thread? It seems like a good way to step around the rules to me.

Wraithlin October 1 2010 10:48 PM EDT

They don't count as the daily post if that's what you mean.

AdminTal Destra October 1 2010 10:48 PM EDT

You may want to let horesguy know that

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 1 2010 10:49 PM EDT


Wraithlin October 1 2010 10:50 PM EDT

horseguy is selling his services as a protector for assassins that need him.

and he's doing it in character which is impressive.

QBOddBird October 1 2010 10:50 PM EDT

He would be good for the day anyway, given that he's posted in my Hilarious Pictures thread. It just looked like a potential oversight in the rules.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 2 2010 3:32 AM EDT

GL chokes out OB. 1 Wound

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] October 2 2010 3:36 AM EDT

Natasha sees GL strangling the poor noncontestant OB and runs to his rescue. She slices her N into GL's back and forces him off of OB then runs away dragging OB with her.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 2 2010 4:02 AM EDT

Nayab watches Natasha pull OB out of the fight and with the still stinging sensation of the N slashed in his skin, throws a shuriken at her leg, leaving an unmistakable messy wound in her flesh. +1 wound

Phoenix [The Forgehood] October 2 2010 9:02 AM EDT

It turns out that Nayab had jumped the gun, assassinating Nat when she was immune. Of course, I had to slash my initials into his back while he was occupied...

QBOddBird October 2 2010 9:04 AM EDT

OB breaks down in tears as a horde of ninjas descend upon him from all direction. "No, no, I'm not ready yet!" As he is being throttled out, he realizes a female shinobi is rescuing him at the expense of her own limbs...he grins just before consciousness leaves him.

horseguy001 October 2 2010 10:02 AM EDT

I'm not actually an assassin, just thought it might be a fun way to help out a little bit :)

Wraithlin October 2 2010 11:11 AM EDT

Ok apparantly this needs more explaination.

I'll do it by example;

Person A says: "I'm about to die!"

Person B kills person A.

Person C kills person B.

Person D kills person C.

So in the above, consider it four posts in a row. What ends up happening in this tournament is that person B gets a valid kill on person A. Since it is a valid kill, person B is now immune. Person C then tries an attemt and fails because B is immune. Then person D gets a valid kill on person C. Person D is now immune.

You are immune to assassination with a valid assassination post.

You are open for assassination if you make an invalid assassination post.
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