Next NCB Strategy - open to suggestions (in General)

horseguy001 October 7 2010 8:22 PM EDT

I'm ripping my hair out on this one. Basically have it narrowed down to 3 choices:

3 minions with a familiar
3 minions with an RoS
4 minions with an RoS

1 minion must be a wall training HP and his own SS. One minion must put nearly all of its exp into AS. Thats the easy part.

I have all the equipment I need as well. Full wall set, corns, BoEs, NSCs, SBs, etc etc

3 minions: Now if I go with a familiar I get a minion to do a couple of things. I could go AMF/GA, DM, or more AS? I'm not so sure. If I go with an RoS that 3rd minion will be training mostly DD and a small DM. The pros of this are the familiar will have a much higher DD then I could ever hope to train naturally, but I sacrifice HP and the ability to have DM and AMF.

4 minions and I would have to split the AS between 2 minions to combat the exp dilution. My DD would be terribly watered down, and with no way to train HP I doubt my ENC would allow me to wear a very big pair of NSC or CoI. On the other hand I would have a lot of HP for my wall (Both natural and from AS) and my SS would be a little harder to get rid of.

I don't know...they all seem pretty doable to get around 4 mil mpr.

Any suggestions?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2010 8:32 PM EDT

It depends on your goal really. A GA team really benefits from having as many kill slots as possible. A familiar team needs as large an AS as possible to survive AMF and GA. With your mind being set on a wall I'd be inclined to a two minion team, since GA will be an afterthought on a team with a full on wall.

AS+Decay and a Junctioned EF and a full on wall

horseguy001 October 7 2010 8:47 PM EDT

I don't know if I would end up using GA, I just think I might have a lame damage output with the 3 minion or 4 minion RoS. I don't think my survivability will be enough to kill teams. The 2 minion Strat is nice, but I kind of wanted to try out the BoE for kicks. Not that I can throw it on a familiar T_T

Although the 2 minion one is nice since HP would be quite large. The only thing that bugs me about it is seeing my SS fizzle :(

Wraithlin October 7 2010 9:07 PM EDT

You can use AMF/GA as your damage output for your 4 minion team if you want. That's a very capable strat. You just go 2 minions with AS, 1 with AMF, 1 with GA. If you want DM then you just pick one minion to train less of thier enchant and go with some DM too.

You're just restricting yourself to teams without pure enchanters/walls is the only downside.

Wraithlin October 7 2010 9:08 PM EDT

Also if you're set on a wall, then i'd go AMF, GA, AS on the other 3 minions, of course still putting the AS on the RoS.

horseguy001 October 7 2010 9:17 PM EDT

Junction Question since I am not getting the wiki:

If I junction say an MS or CML over to a familiar, does it go over with no penalties?

horseguy001 October 7 2010 10:04 PM EDT

I junctioned over my MS and it only gave me a 1% penalty to my familiars DD. Any mathematical reason for it only doing 1%?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2010 11:52 PM EDT

It's an issue with lowering bonuses. Nat will likely chime in and explain it

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] October 8 2010 12:01 AM EDT

Here is what is it. You have SB equipped. The HoC already lowers the bonus to your DD to 1%. The MS lowers that bonus down to 0. It works off of the cumulative bonus/penalty. So it won't drop any even if you drop the SB for a different pair of boots. That is something I would actually suggest.

(waited until after midnight to make it count for the daily post in the assassin contest.)

Phoenix [The Forgehood] October 8 2010 12:01 AM EDT

lol nat.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 8 2010 3:34 AM EDT

MP, I mark you. 1 Wound.

horseguy001 October 8 2010 8:25 AM EDT

So if I am reading that correctly I can throw a big CML and a big MS on the enchanter and it will only junction over the ac and not the negative effect? Armor proficiency and a good sized corn will make up for the negatives to my AS.

Although if the minion is encumbered I won't be able to use decay on it. Although I seem to be leaning towards 2 minions now...I should have made this thread before I bought all that gear lol :)
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