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QBOddBird October 19 2010 12:09 AM EDT

I'm currently raising a JKF belonging to Mr. Owl, aka Tal. My rate is 25% NW; as he has paid me 5M, I need to raise his tattoo's NW by 20M.
I'll be using this thread to keep track of my progress, as well as a way to let Owl-Man see that I'm working hard on his tatty.

Starting point: A Jigorokano Familiar lvl 20
NW: 11,030

Day 1 progress: A Jigorokano Familiar lvl 44,474
NW: 817,076

QBOddBird October 20 2010 12:10 AM EDT

Day 2 progress: A Jigorokano Familiar lvl 97,863
NW: 1,785,127

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] October 20 2010 12:14 AM EDT


QBOddBird October 20 2010 7:32 PM EDT

Tal/Mr Owl has requested that I stop growing the tattoo, send back the change from the tattoo growth, and send the tattoo to Acorn Boy/Newlin.

The tattoo is currently at:

A Jigorokano Familiar lvl 134,487
NW: 2,449,202

Subtracting the original NW of 11,030:

25% of this is what he would owe for the tattoo growth:

He already sent me 5M, so I owe him back:

QBOddBird (Futae no Kiwami) Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) $4390457 -- change from tat 7:31 PM EDT

And I sent the tattoo to Acorn Boy as requested.

QBOddBird (Futae no Kiwami) Acorn Boy (Galvanized Gods) A Jigorokano Familiar ($2449202) -- as per tal request 7:32 PM EDT
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